Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Fairy Talent

"Hey Mom" Eloise yelled to me last Saturday when she got home from a day at Papa's. "What is your Fairy Talent?"

My Fairy Talent?

"You know like Tinkerbell and her friends have - every one has a talent - and I wonder if you have a Fairy Talent."

I told her that I didn't think I had one.

She was very sad about that. Her mom will never be her super hero.

I live in a personal world of mediocrity. I am not really great at anything. Now, don't think I am feeling sorry for myself...I am is just my reality.

I tried piano as a kid - but didn't have the financial or emotional support to pursue it(no piano at home), so I quit when I could just play okay.

I tried the drums and could play okay, but quit by 9th grade.

I was a cheerleader, but couldn't do back handsprings, so was never the best.

I ski - but only the hard greens/easy blues.

I ran track and played tennis - but never won and never placed.

I got straight A's but never went to a great college.

I run - but only run a 4 hour marathon.

I cook and bake, but no one would ever make a special request for me to cook or bake for them.

I am a good mother, but not a great one and many days would rather my kids watch PBS then bother me...and the thought of doing a craft when them makes me ill.

I know I am not a very good wife.

I read, but never the classics and secretly still love a good mindless smut book.

I write - but my spelling and grammar are horrible and I will never be a story teller.

"No Eloise, I don't have a special Fairy Talent." But I am okay with that.

I would love for my girls to have one someday though - or at least to be more than mediocre in something. Just one thing - just to be good at one thing.

Why has it been so difficult for me.

Anyway, I guess my best talent is surrounding myself with people who do have Fairy Talents....who can play beautiful music for me, cook dinners, bake cookies and create masterpieces. I have really good fairy friends.

So, when your child asks you what your Fairy Talent is - how can you reply?
xoxo, t


Amanda M. said...

My fairy talent is loving my kiddos more than they could ever imagine.
I suspect you possess this same talent. :)
Oh, and I make neat hair bows.
How is Donut? Still under your roof?

Amanda M. said...

Wait!! What about your totally awesome sewing? 'Cause every pic I've ever seen you post on this blog of any item that has been sewn by you, I have so longed for and coveted. Oh, how I wish I possessed that sewing fairy talent.

hopefaithlove said...

No fairy talent here! Just a normal Mommy who loves her kids to the moon and back.

And you do have a nice fashionista talent with childrens clothes.

Michelle said...

Um, you're making me think that your fairy talent is LYING!

Do you honestly think that anyone who reads this blog doesn't know that you are an incredible storyteller, gifted photographer, loving mother, talented seamstress, hip fashionista and priceless friend.

Ha! No fairy talent. Next thing I know you'll be telling us that you are actually a pimply teenage boy posing as a mommy-blogger.

Melanie said...

First of all, t, you tell great stories.

My fairy powers, if you can call them that are literary interpretation, reading aloud, teaching and writing. I'm not a bad cook either, but that's not fairy dust. I worked hard teaching myself to cook!

betsy ellis said...

Sometimes we have to "claim" our talent. It took me the longest time to utter the words, "I am an artist." And there are still many days I am embarrassed to even think it. You are an amazing photographer, storyteller, writer, and humorist. Claim it, baby! It's you!

ginny said...

Oh my dear you under estimate who you have become! How many women can say they have played the piano, been a cheerleader, run a marathon, played the drums, ran track, played tennis, maintained straight "A" while in ANY college and graduated Cum Laud (?) carrying 18 credits and working 60 hours a week to put herself through college! You bake deliously and have learned to sew! You have the most amazing girls that are not only beautiful, but polite, caring and fun! You have the most amazing marketing talent (and I might add did get acknowledged for your talent. You make us laugh and cry with your writing skills and photgraphy. And how you find time to do all that you do - well, it wears me out! You have lots of fairy talent.

Stacey said...

I'll have to agree w/ your mama... You have an incredible knack for so many things... writing this blog daily is among my favorite. I am amazed that you can manage the thoughts to paper... I envy that "talent"

I have been blessed with a special talent, I've only come to realize in my 30's... My talent is a "freind gatherer" I have quite a collection... life long and new, young and old, men & women... I have many that fit the many facets of my days... I am sooooo grateful to each of them! As you know you are certainly one of them!
Thanks for asking... and reminding me of exactly how lucky I am...


Kristi Pohl said...

May I just confirm what Michelle and your mom and everyone else has already said, you don't just have one fairly talent, you have a million! So embrace all of the wonderful things that you are. My fairy talent? I will have to think on that. What a great way to occupy my day!

CheeChee said...

tracy!! you DO have a fairy talent, and it's making me smile every day when i read your blog. you are an inspiration to ME as a writer!! :)

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