Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I am so Screwed...

Eloise started first grade yesterday.

Eloise brought home her first homework assignment. Yes, first grade, first day, first homework assignment.

Really? Couldn't they just play with stuffed animals and have recess on the first day?

Are you ready for what her homework assignment was?


"Find and document 3 phenology examples today."


Yes, it is true...I already had to Google her first homework assignment to find out what the hell phenology is.

I am wondering if they have an extra chair for me in that first grade classroom because I need a bit of a refresher.

..and in other news...I picked out the CUTEST strappy, floral orange sandals for Eloise to wear to school today...but she chose this look instead.



The Donovan's said...

ZOMG..Id be sitting right beside you girl!!! freakin scary that our children already know more then we do! I love her shoe choice btw :)

Amanda M. said...

LOVE the shoes. My girls would totally choose the same. :)

Kristi Pohl said...

that's what you get for sending her to Capitol Hill...that girl knows how to accessorize! She already has learned that comfort is more important than fashion.

Ginny said...

She looks so happy - love the look of the socks and shoes! So, not you today. Wish I could include some of your school pictures - just ask Troy! Now, this homework thing - totally confused - excuse me while I now go to google to ask what this means! And you thought reading was good - please get her an dictionary!!!

Melanie said...

Just have her tell the teacher that there is no such thing as phenology b/c global warming is only a myth made up by the liberals. She can say that she heard this while watching Fox News with daddy.

Michelle said...

I am so ashamed-- I had to follow your phenology link. Guess I'm not smarter than a 1st grader!

And Mary rarely listens to my fashion advisories-- doesn't she realize what a gift I am to her?

One of these days, girl, we are meeting in NYC with our crazy daughters.

Tracy said...

lol...Mel..I have Fox news blocked on our TV. ;) ..and Michelle..I would love to meet up with you!!!

Tracy said...

It's been said before, my name is Tracy and I am not smarter than a 1st grader. That's so silly. Good luck with your education T!

jill R said...

Huh? Off to google.

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