Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cougars Love Adam Lambert!!!

So did you watch Courtney Cox's new show, Cougar Town last night? I did.

Now I am 40ish and mildly hot for 40 ifidosaysomyself. But, I am not on the prowl or anything. And I don't find men in the 20's attractive - I find myself gravitating towards Sean Connery and Gwen Stefani.

..but I am offended by the term Cougar. It ranks RIGHT up there for me with the other very derogatory "C" word for women. Seriously, my skin CRAWLS when I hear the word Cougar.

I am SOOO not a Cougar. Are you? What do you think about the term?



Melanie said...

I think it depends how the term is used and who is using it, and I think that rule applies to a lot of things for me.

On the other hand, old dudes have been after young chickies for about a billion years, and they aren't called wolves, they're called MEN. It's normal and acceptable for an ancient man to date a hot young thing--why? Because he can still give her babies. Puhlease. That is so pre-feminism.

Overall, the term cougar is probably another sexist way of beholding women who are doing what men have been doing forever.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't really bother me, but to be honest, I hadn't thought it through too much. How was the show? Any good? I had liked her old show Dirt, but it didn't last long.

Amanda M. said...

Hmmmm. You know, I'd honestly never thought about it. But in a way I think it's kind of like MILF - totally derogatory in general, yet in a totally naughty way, it's somewhat flattering. Flattering only because generally the only time I've heard Cougar is to describe women who are hotties, you know?
I have to admit, though, if someone ever called me a Cougar, I'd slap them probably. Well, especially since I am only 33 for 1 more month.
I LUVVVVV Melanie's point about old dudes with young women. I am totally going to call them Wolves now.

Kristi Pohl said...

is there a different term for when an older woman falls in love with a vampire? wait! the vampire will ALWAYS be older...

Tina said...

OMG I am so happy to hear someone else finds this word derogitory! I am 33 & it offends me to no end!!!

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