Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook, September 1,2009

For Today...Sept 1, 2009...

Outside my window
... wowza, darkness. Cool mornings are here. I love that Fall is coming.

I am thankful for... Surviving the Minnesota State Fair with 3 kids and 200,000 of our closest friends yesterday.

From the kitchen..nada, zilch...need to shop, but not high on my list of things to do this week.

I am wearing... a robe...it is chilly!

I am reading... School paperwork and filling out tons of school paperwork.

I am hoping...for a fun last week of Summer before the girls go back to school.

I am creating... hair flowers to match the new Matilda Jane line.

Around the house...Astrid is squeaking as she decides whether she should fall asleep or be up. She is restless lately.

One of my favorite things... www. diapers.com - I no longer have to leave my house for diapers - they deliver them to my door at a cheaper shelf price than Target, with free overnight shipping! My plans for Winter shut-in-ness is complete.

A few plans for the rest of the week... busy busy busy...my Matilda Jane trunk is coming - need to get it tagged and hung and ready for shows starting this weekend. I am a wreck thinking about it right now.

A picture of Esther I am sharing. Esther hasn't gotten much play on the blo9 lately and I thought you might want to see her pretty face and what she looks like at the end of the day with her blue eyes sparkling. I love her braids. She looks so Nordic. I have no idea where she got that blond hair and those blue eyes from.

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Amanda M. said...

Esther is just beautiful. That's a GREAT pic of that little doll!

Melanie said...

Esther has gotten so big! She is gorgeous & I love the braids, too!

Stacey said...

Esther is just gorgeous... I'm lovin' the crazy braids... Cheers to Blue eyed blondes (and their mothers :))

Ginny said...

She is simply beautiful. Must be the finish, swed coming out!

Michelle said...

ooh, I'm loving Esther and her messy braids.

And I'm amazed that you are creating hair bows for MJ! OVERACHIEVER ALERT!!!

Rachelle said...

I realize that you don't have a clue who I am (Krist's cousin), but I also think Esther is absolutely adorable. Same with Eloise. And, those pics of Astrid in the new hat... whoa. Too cute.

Heather said...

wow that is a fabulous picture of esther!!! gorgeous!

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