Friday, September 11, 2009

Pre-K Rocking Day...

So, my 2nd baby went off to Pre-K yesterday.

..but as she likes to remind me, it is really kindergarten because she is in the kindergarten class.

We have chosen Montessori for Esther - so her class is 4-6 year olds in the actual kindergarten room in a k-6 elementary school.

I think Montessori is perfect for Esther and how she learns...and doesn't she look cute with a ruffle butt too?

She had an amazing first day.

..and was so excited to go.

The confidence this girl has just astounds me.

She even met a boyfriend yesterday named Tucker. She said he is really fun and she like funny boys. I asked if his dad was a doctor.

She will be sneaking out her bedroom window when she is 16 to meet up with Tucker, I am sure.

Like mother like daughter. Lord help me.

She loves her new teacher - and I love her new teacher. She is nice and introduced herself and made Esther feel comfortable and lets me talk to her and she talks back to me and she smiles like a normal human - unlike a certain 1st grade teacher I know.

..and yes, my 4 year old insisted on taking the bus home. I was a wreck about it - but she LOVED it. Can you tell by this end of the day smile how much she loved it?

Love you, My Miss Esther-Boo. You rock my world


Aunt Sandy said...

Great stories - Great pictures
Just getting back from vacation and missed reading you everyday. Never a dull moment
Can't believe the changes each day of Astrid - what a little dollie

Amanda M. said...

She is SO beautiful. I LOVE to hear Esther stories. She so reminds me of my 4-year-old. :)

Stacey said...

Oh... she is sooooo my Olivia... just off & independent... I too am proud... but worried for teenage years... Liv likes my friends husbands... bald ones in particular...

Melanie said...

Adorable Esther & that is a great dress! She's going to have a wonderful year! I think Montessori education is wonderful! We considered it, but ended up going a different route, but I still am very fond of it!
Hope you are having a rockin' week & managing to get some rest! I honestly don't see how you are still blogging every day...when I am super busy, mine totally hits the back burner!
Enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a GREAT day! I want to see her backpack though... the straps look so pretty! ;)

Sahnya said...

I love Montessori (Cole does it here) and the dress .... what a cutie! Does Ester have an Ezra in her class? ...he's my nephew

Ginny said...

Wow, she is growing up! So darling in her girly dress. She does look proud and happy. I think she will be just like you - "warning".

Lizbeth said...

Tracy, I want the ruffle butt dress too! Alas it won;t be the same on me but I still want it. Your girls are so amazing and beautiful!
Jack reminded me about your blog. I'm so busy I haven't kept up. But now that I'm a follower it'll be easier. You have a gift my dear.
I have a beauty blog too that i'm inspired now by you and Katey Sagal to tend to... Big Hugs to you, Jed, Eloise, Ester, and baby Astrid!

Angie said...

She looks so excited! I think this is how Jessa will be once she is that age too. LOVE the dress, too cute!

Anonymous said...

Great choice Tracy! We have sent all 4 kids to Montessori and it's worth the $$$. Is that an Oilily backpack? Love her NAS dress, and you are very blessed to have such an independent little girl who can help you and herself so you can have time now with Astrid. Hope that whoever that 1st grade teacher is doesn't have your blog site LOL!

Tracy said...

OMG Sanya - how good to hear from you...Yes, Esther has Ezra in her class! Small world!!

...and Lizbeth I am stalking you now!

Melanie said...

love the ruffle butt. she looks like a chubby-cheeked version of you!! xoxo

Kristi Pohl said...

that girl is going to be running things someday.

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