Monday, September 7, 2009

The End of Summer...

I was going to break open the bubbly for the girls tonight and treat them to a special meal to usher in their new school year.

I have decided to save the bubbly for myself for tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM after they are gone.

Go ahead and feel sad for me and my kids that I am glad Summer is finally over. I love my kids and love spending time with them...but they need to go play well with others for awhile...and selfishly, so do I.

I am tired. and crabby.

The only thing I am going to miss about Summer is this guy...

I love this guy..I think that he should come once a week when the schools are in and the kids are gone to bring smiles to the stay at home moms and serve margaritas instead of drumsticks. I think I have a new business plan.

For now he brings cheap ice cream to my girls twice per week, so I don't have to take them somewhere.

Oh, he brings big smiles too.

What I love the most about this guy though, is that instead of playing your typical "ice cream/carnival" genre music, he plays amazing Muslim Prayer music.

It takes me back to the lazy mornings in Turkey, being gently awoken by the songs of prayers from the spires of the Mosques. There has never been a more peaceful sound.

I love how he beckons the neighborhood out every week to buy ice cream and chat. The end of Summer means that we will go back into our homes and hibernate for the cold, Minnesota winter. We will miss the ice cream truck....and perhaps a little bit of Summer.



Kristi Pohl said...

adorable, as always. I will be thinking of you tomorrow, what with first day of school, MJ show, and all. When will you sleep?

houseofestrogen said...

When you get your margarita truck business going, I want to start a franchise here! That's my kind of ice cream truck!

Tracy said...

Hey KP, you bettah stop by tomorrow.

Jill R said...

I love the Pied Piper of Ice Cream concept...I wonder if he would consider delivering to rural MN so that I wouldn't have to stock my own freezer treats and my children would quit leaving the freezer door open when they sneak their own drumsticks? I wonder if he delivered here if I'd miss the gooey flowing rivers of melted ice cream, ooozing packages of dripping thawing bags of food, and bloody rivers coming from the side of beef packages when the freezer door is left ajar when "NOT ME" leaves it open after grabbing a bomb pop???

Stop by for a Margarita on Friday....ONLY 4 more days.

Heather said...

what a neat twist about the ice cream truck music! i love all things that are sharing of culture. i wish everyone felt that way...

make sure you drive your margarita truck down to florida, i could definitely enjoy one!

Tracy said...

I so love the ice cream man. Hope your morning goes well!

colored pencilgrandma said...

The back to school blogs are wonderful.I am choked up thinking that E and E are in PreK and First grade already. They look soo happy and so beautiful in their back to school clothes. Esther's ruffled dress reminds me of her ruffled, aqua bathing suit.
Eloise looks so grown up in her outfit. I especially love the socks and sneaks.
Believe it or not, I too miss going back to PreK and Kindergarten. How I loved teaching those grades.
I know how tired you must be Tracy. You are doing sooo much. Take care of yourself and savor your quiet days with Astrid. It is so hard when your last one goes to school. You are lucky to still have a little one at home.
About the end of summer and the ice cream truck.... I too will miss him. I was hoping I would get one more orangeice/van pop.
Love to all and can't wait to see you.

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