Friday, September 18, 2009


Yes, I have had a pretty Crapalicious week.

I think I will write a book and add it to Esther's Pinkalicious library.

It all turned brighter though when my friend Brenda dropped these flowers and this pack of gum on my doorstep.

I told you I had great friends.

..and I just went and bought a case of this gum for when you need some too.


Melanie said...

I'm so sorry you have had a crappy week! I hope that you have a nice restful weekend or at least a few moments of peace & rest!
Good friends are the best, they always seem to know just when we need that extra little something!

Melanie said...

We're gonna need an update on Hope the catnapper.

Amanda M. said...

Ha! Ditto what Melanie said. The Donut drama has got to be updated.
So sorry you had a crappalicious week. My Mariel is really into putting "-licious" onto the end of everything. She'd definitely appreciate your new term. ;)

Michelle said...

I may need the entire case just for me. ;0)

hopefaithlove said...

where the heck did you get that gum, please tell!

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