Friday, September 4, 2009

Ruffle butts and Stupid People...

1. We met Eloise's 1st grade teacher this week. I was a little miffed that she didn't even introduce herself and when I tried to ask her a little question, she stopped me and told me to send her an email because she would rather communicate that way. I told her that since she doesn't even know my name yet, she could now refer to me at parent 435 as that is how I like to be known to people who don't like to talk.

Seriously, I am not one of THOSE parents - I let teachers teach and try to stay away from the school and away from all volunteer activities. Believe it or not, I am a very low maintenance parent. Really.

2. We went to the Minnesota State Fair this week. Astrid was wearing a Baby Lulu outfit. Do you know Baby Lulu - usually pink, very floral, and many time ruffles - on the butt. I had 2 people come up to her and ask me how old my little boy was? Really? Are you dumb? Just because she is bald, she must be a boy? She is a baby. She is wearing Baby Lulu - the most obvious girl brand on the planet. So I told them that my flamingly gay/cross-dressing son is 5 weeks old and asked if they had a little boy he could marry in 20 years. We are working very hard to overturn Prop 8.

3. I wear black to hide the boob leakage, but now have puke schmutz on my shoulders that shows big time on black. My life is very complicated.

4. My muffin top is huge right now. How the hell do you hide it? Maybe I can wear ruffles on my butt like my baby in drag??? I am bringing ruffles back.

xoxo, t


kari said...

you crack me up Tracy! Love laughing at your posts in the morning. I'm gonna try and swing by next week.xxoo,k

pinkebody said...

lmao Tracy!

Our little bald one is also mistaken for a boy because of her lack of hair, so I feel your pain.

I cannot believe the teacher told you to email her! WTF? You're standing right here, can you not speak lady?

Tracy said...

RUDE teacher. DUMB people at the fair. Someone called Muriel a boy the other day - with her "435" ruffles on them! LORDY!

Amanda M. said...

When my youngest was born, she had enough hair to immediately begin wearing bows. Like the kind you snap in. It was a TON of hair.
I was excited - I am very girlie and love bows. I put the child in bows
Still, there seem to be idiots out there. I was asked countless times if she was a boy or girl.
I wish I'd thought of the cross-dressing baby comment. That would have rocked.

Stacey said...

Are you frightened of this teacher??? How will she be with the children??? What impressionable years to have a "stump" for a teacher... Maybe all of her people skills are directed only to her students. I'll be crossing my fingers for you.

hopefaithlove said...

I ahd a guy ask me how old my baby boy was too... yet SHE was dress head to toe in PINK PINK PINK and all her hanging toys on her car seat were PINK! I swear prople do not think before they speak.

BTW that teather was rude, and I would have claled her out on it!

The Donovan's said... r my hero!

Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how many people have called my bald girlies boys when they were dressed head to toe in pink, lace, ruffles, and flowers. Ridiculous!

And I don't know if this is any consolation, but Elise's teacher who gave off the worst first impression at Meet the Teacher was her first grade teacher, and she has been my absolute favorite teacher so far! I think she was really stressed out at Meet the Teacher and hadn't had much time to prep for it. She just didn't seem friendly, but we ended up loving her, and she was a fantastic teacher!

Jill R said...

We are jam packed into a dinky Priceline hotel room after spending the most gawd awful day at the MN State Fair and all I desperately want is for my 3 crazy children to fall asleep so I can have a little peace and quiet at the end of the day and then I make the mistake of reading this blog. Can't help LOL--twice no less, really...even if they all stir and want to know what's so funny it's worth the disturbance :-/

Okay, so it's a little unnerving to know that the same clueless people that always mistook my baby dressed head to toe in pink, bows in hair, blinking neon overhead sign with arrow pointing down at her saying "GIRL" and still called her a "HIM" are still wandering aimlessly around without a clue what sex of baby wears PINK/RUFFLES. Harumph!

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