Friday, August 21, 2009

Even Steven...

Eloise " Hey mom, are we going to have one more kid in this family?"

Me "No sweetie, we are just having the 3 of you, why?"

Eloise "Well all of our games are made for 2 or 4 people. Like what if we want to play Hungry, Hungry of the hippos won't be used?"

Me: "Well I can throw that game away if it bothers you so much." (cuz it annoys the crap out of me...)

Eloise "No, we should keep it, I am just letting you know that you will have to play all games with us to make-up for the missing kid."
I guess we need to teach Donut Cat to play games and ride rides in this even-centric society.
xoxo, t


Melanie said...

4 is a good number...I'm just sayin'! (Although now that I have 4, I'm angling for 5...hubby's not thinking the same though.)
That has to be the most adorable picture of your 3 girls! Love the braids in their hair!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Melanie said...

you should start a campaign about the odd # discrimination in our country. i mean, even the rhetoric is discriminatory. calling the number 3 odd is just plain mean and hateful and ugly, while calling the number 4 even has a lovely, smooth, fair connotation. i think we are on to something here, tracy. while i do not share your particular affliction, i will make the t-shirts for this cause.

Melanie said...

We will call it "The campaign against numerical hate speech! They are uneven, NOT odd!"

Tracy said...

Oh Mel - you crack me up. I will look for my t-shirt in the mail shortly! ;)

How about shirts for my 3 girls that say "there is nothing odd about us..we are just a bit uneven!"

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