Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Yes, sun gazing...not stargazing..that nighttime activity is certainly not allowed under Tracy's rules until my kids are at least 10, maybe 13.

My kids have to sun gaze because I make them go to bed by 7pm all year. Yes, even in the Summer. Yes, even on vacation. Yes, even on the 4th of July.
Sometime last year, we were out really late(you know like 8pm) for a school program...when we stepped outside it was dark and the nighttime sky was filled with stars. Eloise looked up in amazement and announced loudly "WOW, I have never seen stars before...AMAZING." I told her to enjoy it as it could be the last time for 5 years. Thankfully Esther was already sleeping in Jed's arms being carried to the car. It was after 7pm after all.

You may call me mean, inflexible, strict or down right freaky with my obsession in getting my kids in bed by 7pm. I am okay and comfortable with all of those terms. We all have our little issues. Also, if you babysit my kids, don't break my rules about bedtime or you will be fired. Really. I am that anal/crazy about it.

I like my kids in bed early because - 1. they need the sleep and 2. i need the break. ..and I don't relax the schedule in the Summers because I don't want to "retrain" them in the Fall. My kids like the schedule I think and they NEVER fight about going to bed, they never get out of bed and they fall asleep immediately.

Sure, they are getting to the age where they wonder why their friends are still playing outside for another 1.5 hours after their bedtime. I wondered they same thing. My brother Troy and I would lie in our bunk beds, in our shared room, in bed at 7pm in the Summer with the sunlight coming through our shades, listening to the kids play on the block..and wonder why it wasn't us. We would fall asleep to these sounds every night. Now I thank my mom for giving me a bedtime until I was 18. Yes, at 18...10pm lights out.
So, until they can enjoy the real stars, sisterly sun gazing will just have to do.


Ginny said...

LOVE the feet picture! It's true I was somewhat strict about bedtime, however I was much more flexible! Note to others - The girls also DO NOT get out of bed by themself! They will be married and asking their husbands if it's ok to get up!

Anonymous said...

Your girls would fit right in at our house! We have a strict bedtime too... summer, track-out, fourth of July, etc. Ours is 7:30, but same idea! It definitely works well!

Melanie said...

Wow, 7 pm is impressive! And I applaud you for sticking with it. We actually have several church/sport activities that keep us out of the house past 7 two or three nights a week, but it works for us.

Those 30 toes are adorable! This little piggy (went to bed early)...

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