Thursday, August 13, 2009

Random Ramblings...

Many exciting and important things have happened this week. I just thought you might want to know about them. (just my assumption here since you are actually reading my blog).

First and foremost, I got a haircut and color. I know, crazy right? I was so gray and my end were so bad. But, what is really important about this is that my stylist makes HOUSE CALLS!!! Yes, it's true...AND he's a man and he rides a motorcycle here. With the birth of each of my girls, Dan Dan the haircut Man(named by my kids) rides over and does my hair for me. All it takes is a bottle of his favorite beer waiting and some cheap peeks at a nursing mom and her huge ta-ta's. I am easy that way if it means I get a cut and color at home and don't have to drag 3 kids with me. He also makes house calls for the girls first is Miss Esther 3.5 years ago with Dan in our kitchen.

Secondly, I now know the difference between a good friend and a great friend. A good friend(well really good) brings you a latte and scone over to your home yesterday morning. An AMAZINGLY great friend brings you a latte and a scone AND a bag of school supplies for the girls so you don't have to brave Target AND a box of sanitary pads for you because you are still bleeding to beat the band and would rather stuff a roll of TP in your undies than drag 3 kids to Target. Thank you once again Kristi.

Thirdly, Astrid's belly button fell off. Since she is officially my last baby...I held the belly button and really thought about taping it in her baby book(if I actually had a baby book, which I haven't purchased yet), but thought better of my psycho self and threw the thing away. Please don't tell me you are one of "those" that saves belly buttons? ew.

Fourthly, I received my first hospital bill for the birth yesterday. Oh lucky day!!!! How I lurve hospital bills. Anywho - it was Astrid's nursery charges - so yes, this is the bill for her being IN the nursery only. Turns out it costs $1200 per night for a newborn in the hospital nursery. This did not include any doctor or lab charges...JUST NURSERY. Funny thing is that SHE NEVER WENT TO THE FLIPPING NURSERY THE WHOLE FLIPPING TIME SHE WAS IN THE HOSPITAL. She stayed in my room THE WHOLE TIME. She never ever SAW the nursery or SAW a nursery nurse. Why the hell do I have to pay them? Sure, send me a doctor bill for $13,000 for the 20 seconds she saw a doctor each of the days and sure send me a lab bill for $8000 for the 2 times she had blood drawn...but a nursery bill? Okay, I guess she did use about 6 of THEIR diapers a day - but $5000 for 24 diapers and some crappy wipes. Bite me.

Fifthly, I joined Twitter this week. Now why I don't know? Do I really think I am going to tweet at you every 10 minutes to let you know if I am on the potty or picking my nose when I currently only update my Facebook twice per month. Probably not.

Lastly, I went off vicodin cold turkey on Monday. Now that really sucks.



The Donovan's said...

ok seriously, I can't wait till you turn your blog into a make me smile everyday...and for the record, I am a mumma belly button keeper! I know its gross, but I couldn't throw them away...maybe someday Ill get them made into matching earrings

Tracy said...

OMG made my day!

Melanie said...

Smiling here, I love your blog! Thank you Tracy! (BTW, that is crazy about the nursery bill...I would protest!)

Kristi Pohl said...

I know you would do the same for me, if I had another baby, which I won't, since I am nearly 50, so I guess you can just take care of me when I am too infirm in my old age to go to Target...

Michelle said...

you make me laugh-- every time!

and thanks for the code; you know I'll be buying.

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