Friday, August 14, 2009

I am pretty sure... was an ugly, childless old man who decided that our schools shouldn't start until after Labor Day. Or perhaps he was a bitter Republican politician. Or perhaps it was our old governor, Jesse. But no matter. I am ready for school to start.
Really. I can honestly say I am one of those moms who thinks that year-round school with no breaks would be a good thing for our nation. My kids have been off since BEFORE Memorial day and don't go back until AFTER Labor Day.

I will now refer to this period as the ENDLESS SUMMER.

Maybe I just have a hard time being a kid and letting things slide, just having fun and having a lazy Summer of water, sand and popsicles.

Seriously, at this point I would rather stick an ice pick in my eye than go to the pool again or another playground. I really need to lighten up.
So, to fill my time(when I am not nursing a newborn, shipping ebay back to school sales or planning Matilda Jane Fall or of course, doing all of my homemaker duties), we are getting prepared for school.

Doctor visits and up to date immunizations - check.
School supplies purchased - almost done check.
Back to school clothing shopping - the packages are starting to arrive...thank God for online shopping.(please delight and ooh and aah about Eloise in her new Misha Lulu for school).
Dentist visit for cleaning - check.
Eloise is starting first grade this year and has yet to loose a tooth. Turns out she has TWO loose ones now. She is working hard to wiggle those suckers out before school starts. I need to find out the going rate of the tooth fairy.

So, as we enter the FINAL 3 weeks(omg 3 weeks still) of our ENDLESS SUMMER, think of me and pour me a margarita to get me through.



Jill R said...

It could be worse. S&M start school on the 10th and A on the 11th, ROFL. I am serving Margaritas this weekend ;-)

Kristi Pohl said...

I plan to have many margaritas for you up in Bemidji, sitting on my parents deck. I will call when we get back! And the tooth fairy deal, just remember, you set a precedent with that first one. I always gave Charlie a 'gold' one dollar coin-he thought it was great. Although now that he is finally clued in to all things pretend, such as Santa and the Easter Bunny, he decided he should get more for his molars...

Melanie said...

Wow, that is an endless summer, which up until this week, I would have coveted...but now I'm rather thankful that our kids are starting back on Monday &'s been on of THOSE weeks!
Seriously though, I still have quite a long list of things we didn't get to do this summer, oddly enough I think the kids have had a GREAT I should just let go of my expectations of the "perfect" summer!

Stacey said...

That is so much an outfit that you had in high school... and her legs look just like yours... llllooooonnnnnggg & thin...

Joe started school Tuesday... whoo hoo... 4th grade... seems crazy he's growing up too fast.

take care,

the Provident Woman said...

What great pictures!

I'm ready for school to start to. My mornings are going to be WONDERFUl. Not that I don't love having my girls around. But I'm a little bit tired of the bickering. Now it will just be me and my little man

hopefaithlove said...

Our schools atart the week before labor day and end the week after memorial day. It has seemed to fly by for us. But I to am looking foward to school starting my daughter has had no routine and she needs one.

Tooth fairy I say a dollar but what do I know. My uncle gave his duaghter 5.00 for the first one, then after that a dollar and she wanted to know where her 5.00 was.

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