Friday, February 19, 2010

Important News?

Was anyone else home at 10 A.M. Central today? Come on you stay at home moms - you know you had just turned the TV on to watch The View.

It is here that I admit that I sit down to nurse at 10 every morning, just so I can turn on The View and watch the banter between Whoopie and Elisabeth. I love their Hot Topics and well - some good gossip for my day.

Imagine my surprise, and at first worry when ABC said "we interrupt this program for a special report" - as the Special Report graphics filled the screen. My heart stopped - was it Haiti, another earthquake, an accident, the president was shot, a tsunami, an Olympic disaster?

No, it was Tiger Woods giving a press conference.

Seriously, every channel interrupted their programming to televise the Tiger Woods press conference.

Who the hell does he think he is that 1. we actually even give a shit at this point and 2. that he is so important to preempt any programming whatsoever. Am I the only one who has completely forgotten about it? I am a golfer and guess what - I DO NOT CARE. Apologize to your wife, your family, your sponsors, you friends, your employees PRIVATELY and leave me out of it. I DO NOT CARE. I do not need to listen to your robotic attempt to regain your popularity. I do not need to listen to you read verbatim some bullshit you may or may not have written. I do not feel sorry for you and frankly I DO NOT CARE about you. At all.

And now after not even worrying about you for the last 3 months, I am now mad at you because there were NO Hot Topics on The View this morning. Frankly, I would now like a public apology from you for that.



Melanie said...

Seriously, I don't know what he said & don't even want to know what he said. It is ridiculous! I'm sorry you didn't get your banter this morning!

Momma T said...

Right on, Sista. Astrid's face says it all. LOVE IT. I hope Elin leaves him and takes all the money.... and the golf clubs.

Seriously, the pic is priceless. Hang it on your wall.

Amanda M. said...

It was on in THE GROCERY STORE while I was in there.

The Planet Pink said...

I'd be even more PO'd because now he made you write a whole blog about him. Jerk.

jill R said...

:-D Thankfully, I did not get to see this news bulletin. And thank heavens he didn't preempt my olympics telecast :-/ Jerk.

Tracy said...

Was that a press conference or press confession? Either way, didn't work for me either.

Now for a laugh, hope over to Pioneer Woman confessions and check out her latest confessions on her new leggings. Juicy!

Heather - Hopelessly Flawed said...

I didn't see it, but I did hear it (since it also took over the radio) and he said that it was his fault and we should not blame Elin.

Which is unfortunate, really, that I am just now finding this out. All this time I have been thinking it was her fault that her husband is a cheating douchebag, and here I've been wrong. She is not the one to blame for his inability to act like a decent human being. Who knew?

So really, I think you all should have been watching. I'm sure it would have cleared a lot of things up for you as well.

Sahnya said...

Poor Tiger .... he's not only blown his relationship but also in getting a cookie tank!

Melanie said...

Hee hee. Heather said douchebag!

I think we need to give Tiger a break here. It was not he who decided that the press conference is so newsworthy that it should interrupt our daily programming. The networks can get credit for that one. The whoring, flashy, wouldn't-know-news-if-Tiger- were-having-sex-with-IT-on-air networks.

At the same time, I did find many things about his statement very sincere. He truly seemed broken to me, but maybe I'm his target sucker audience. Because as we all know, I was the one who fell for John Edwards line of bullshit! NOT.


ginny said...

Just the look on his Mother's face said it all - I felt sorry for her. If his Father were still alive, not sure Tiger would be! His wife won't stay - mark my word. She's just taking the time to get all the bank statements together:) Would this have made a difference if it were just 1 woman he bedded? But 14, give me a break!! Shame on him. At one point in his life he was at the TOP. He will NEVER regain the respect he once had (ex Ted Kennedy). This will be mentioned forever. Elin - run.... Tracy - sorry it interfered with your programing!!

Jess said...

Well I was all proud and a little boastful that I missed the Tiger conference and didn't even care to Youtube it to find it. Like you, I simply did not give a flip.

And then I sat down at naptime, laptop on my lap (duh), flipped on my beloved DVR, selected (yes, you guessed it) THE VIEW only to find his mug. Ugh. I was torqued.

I'm with you. If any person said sorry to me in that monotonous half-alive tone of voice I'd club them over the head. Maybe even with a golf club.

Tracy said...

Good point, Melanie - the press should be ashamed of themselves for trying to make this the world's "top news" yesterday.


Mathmom and family said...

I am with Melanie here. Many of the annoying parts of the press conference were not his fault. The fact that he even apologized may have been a part of his rehab program.

Jen said...

100% AGREED!!!!!!!! I can't believe that all major networks interrupted programming for it either. What does that say about our society and what our society values?!?! It pretty much disgusted me, and I turned it off.

P.S. Guilty of sometimes watching The View, also.......have a love-hate relationship with Elisabeth.......I *want* to love her so much, yet sometimes she just annoys the hell out of me so much.........

Heather - Hopelessly Flawed said...

lol Mel. I save it for really important uses, like on lying, cheating, scumbag husbands. Or wives, for that matter.

Ginny is right - 1 is bad, but 14? Unforgiveable (to me). Not that he needs MY forgiveness, but still. Gag.

He needs to go away.

Heather - Hopelessly Flawed said...

Oh and the actual reason I came here this morning was not to spit on Tiger, but to send you some love!

Rachelle said...

In full agreement with you! The View (and even Regis & Kelly) is much more important than any Tiger Woods press conference. And, what took him so long? Dumb. I love your last sentence on this post. You crack me up.

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