Friday, February 26, 2010

Weekend Reading...

Do you ever feel a bit weird reading your children some of the classic books from your childhood? We have been reading the Bobbsey Twins and boy do I enjoy their adventures.
Do you read it with today's politically correct words? Do you skip parts? Do you read it as it was written 50 years ago?
And I am not just talking about the description of their maid, Dinah...even this sentence bugs me "Mrs. Bobbsey looked young and pretty standing beside her tall, athletic husband" I puked a bit in my mouth when I read that.

So we while we continue our edited Bobbsey Twin are a few blogs I have been enjoying of late that I am sharing with you.

The Women's Colony. - Seriously funny, enjoyable and brilliant. There are some amazing writers who contribute to this blog. They get me. Enjoy.

The Bloggess. If you have an aversion to profanity - don't go there. But. I happen to love the appropriately placed "f" word - so I do go there. A lot. She is FUNNY and makes me laugh everytime I visit.

Esther turns 5 this weekend, so I am busy turning her hair pink and baking cupcakes - when I am not crying on the bathroom floor thinking about the fact that my baby is 5.

Have a great weekend.


The Planet Pink said...

LOL Sometimes I wish there was a 2010 version of Peter Pan. I cringe when the girls want to watch it.

Jaci said...

Happy birthday Esther! (My little guy turns 5 in less than 2 weeks and I'm already having panic attacks....pretty sure crying in the bathroom is the next step).

Melanie said...

Have a WONDERFUL birthday weekend celebrating your little diva! She is so cute with that pink hair!
We have been reading Little House on the Prairie & it has brought up some interesting conversations. One part that sticks out is when one of the Ingall's neighbors says, "The only good Indian is a dead Indian." But even in the book you can tell that is not the opinion of Laura Ingalls or her family. I do like discussing with my kids that people have not always thought the same ways that we do now.

Mathmom and family said...

Now I'll be the odd one and say I savor those times to explain to my kids that 1) times change and 2) sometimes people are ignorant. They can't avoid these people in life. Sadly, they can't avoid it in our family. We have extended family that routinely says things that make you want to locate duct tape, a gag, and a sturdy chair. But that is life, and I'm trying to show my kids that in a world full of choice, good and bad, you've go to learn what the right thing is. I hope I don't fail too miserably at this job.

By the way, I love Ester's hair!

Melanie said...

I have always loved Charlie Brown Christmas, but I realized this year that said cartoon was not designed w/ today's children in mind. For example, Lucy refers to Linus's blanket as "stupid," a word that my daughter continues to say despite my idle threats to put soap in her mouth. Lucy also threatens to punch Linus in the face saying, "I'll give you five good reasons [to listen to me]" those 5 reasons being her fingers, i.e. the components of her fist. Lovely.

Amanda M. said...

Happy Birthday to sweet Esther! I love the pic of her!
My littlest has 2 months until 5. I am also bawling my eyes out. Shoot, I am bawling my eyes out FOR you. And me.

Rachelle said...

The Bobbsey Twins go way back. I would have a hard time with some of the wording, like you. LOVE the "Esther" shirt!! How special. Happy birthday to her!

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