Friday, February 12, 2010

The Refrigerator Confession...

This is how I know my husband is leaving on a trip.

The Empty Refrigerator.
I love it.

We have many housewifery duties - and grocery shopping and cooking a proper meal are on the top of my list of things I hate. Hate.

Not because I hate cooking, but both of these duties take time, balancing and people management. Yes, I have nursed near an open flame on the stove. I have held my babies on my back hip while opening the oven. I have relied on PBS kids as my babysitter so I can just cook.a.meal. This is if I manage to actually find that window of time to make a meal plan, a grocery list, get to the store and unpack the groceries.

I also find most of this I do as I feel my husband expects to eat a meal..whereas I really could care less, nor could the girls. He is the only one to ever ask "what is for dinner?" or stand at the fridge and say "is there anything to eat in here?" or "did you buy ice cream?" (which I never do...)

Perhaps it is the same phenomenon with teenage boys?

So, I admit I do celebrate a wee bit when he goes on a trip. I don't grocery shop, I don't cook, that duty is off my list for as many days as he is gone. Us girls live on cereal and salad...pancakes and popcorn. We watch movies at night and paint toenails.

But mostly we just enjoy taking a vacation from the kitchen.

It is almost like going to Mexico for me. Almost.


What housewifery duties do you abhor? Do you love when you husband goes on a short trip or miss him dearly? Am I awful to enjoy the break?


Jill R said...

Don't hate me but I do miss my DH when he's gone, probably because he's just as inclined to help make a meal as I am.

I hate cooking because in our family of 5, everyone's palate is worlds apart and usually ONE person is happy with any given dish and the rest are complaining....grrrr). For that reason, pleasing my family has made mealtime something I dread.

Kristi Pohl said...

I too take a break from cooking when Mike is gone, Charlie and I have our favorite meals to eat when he isn't here, that usually include frozen food from Trader Joes with minimal cooking. Wontons and fried rice, anyone? Me? I really hate cleaning the bathroom, luckily Charlie will do it for extra allowance in the summertime. How many days until school is out?

Amanda M. said...

aha! Same deal here. When my husband's out of town, meals are very minimal indeed.
He's been gone this week since Monday. Now, I am okay with his trips when they are 2 days or so, but 5 loooong days (he doesn't come home until late tonight) are a bit long and I do miss him lots.
Plus I really miss him since I was left to dig out of that 14 inches of snow deposited here on Tuesday. And by miss him, each time I was clearing snow, his name was followed by a very long string of swear words for not leaving me enough ice melter or giving me a proper snowblower lesson.

Michelle said...

oh me too, hate the whole meal planning, shopping, cooking, cleaning up thing.

But even when my hubby is out of town the teenage boys insist on food. Darn it.

Melanie said...

My hubby is pretty low maintenance in the kitchen area. He is happy if I make eggs or pancakes or even soup and sandwiches. I DO cook nice meals quite often, but that's b/c I like doing it.

Anyway, when he works late, I just miss him b/c it means more work for me with the kids. When he's home early, he gives baths and generally keeps everyone away from me so I can do homework or whatever.

Heather - Hopelessly Flawed said...

I love it when my husband is away. Love. It. And I know I shouldn't say that but it's true. He's a neat freak so I really need the break now and then, to just relax and breathe easy.

I enjoy the cooking, it's the tidying that drives me nuts - because it's all undone again in 30 seconds. These kids can tear up a house faster than anyone I've ever seen.

Jess said...

I love my Hubby to pieces and I hate when he's gone because I hate juggling the three little people from sunup to sundown solo.

I feel obligated to say that before I state the following.... I love when he's gone because I love not really cooking, not really grocery shopping, not meal planning. There is significantly less laundry. The messes are fewer and the little piles of crap that he squirrels away? They're gone too. The girls and I keep the house in tip-top shape because I don't mistakenly assume he's going to pick stuff up. I know he's gone, I do it myself, I move on. The bathroom is cleaner. The garbage is less.

Really? It's a good thing he's funny and doesn't mind being in charge of the kids' bathtime because that "cons" list just got really long.

Jaci said...

I'm soooooo the same way! When my hubby is gone we eat whatever. The kids don't care if we have waffles for supper 3 nights in a row. Or cereal. Or cold sandwiches. Or whatever they can get in the cupboards and help themselves to. Last time my hubby was gone, I think at least 4 nights I had nothing but a banana and a protein shake for supper. Took me less than 10 minutes to prepare and eat and almost no clean-up involved.

Rachelle said...

LOVE it when my husband goes out of town and I don't cook either. Are you kidding? I sit right down and read a People magazine.

Chores I hate? Dusting. And, sorting laundry. And, meal PLANNING. I don't mind cooking, but thinking up ideas is for the birds. Unless, ofcourse, you have a whole day to sit and look through fun cookbooks to get ideas. But, I don't like the pressure and DUTY of having a meal on the table. Ugh.

Tina said...

I am right there with you! I don't cook & I don't clean either. :0p

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