Monday, February 1, 2010


I have to admit that I am one of those moms that hates snow days, and school breaks, and teacher "in-service" days, Summer break and pretty much most weekends.

I love a good school day.

I go a bit crazy with messes and toys and art and food and just generally too many people underfoot on a day off. My head explodes.

Too many people need me - "Mom I need a snack" "Mom what is for dinner" "Mom where is this or that" "Mom Esther is bothering me" "Mom,mom,mom, MOMOMOMOMOMOM.."

It is enough to change my name.

Last week, with a 3 day weekend approaching I was consumed with fret and negative anticipation. I asked the girls what they wanted to do and they responded with "nothing." I wondered how I would survive.

But I did. Turns out they have turned that corner of needed constant interaction/entertaining/annoying needing - and the 2 of them just played, all by themselves, for 3 days straight.

THREE whole days - I was just there for meals..but otherwise..THEY NEVER EVEN TALKED TO ME.

They played school and house and swimming and dolls and art class and ballet and just PLAYED, like kids, all day, for three days and NEVER TALKED TO ME.

And best of all, they never fought and they picked up after themselves.

It was an amazing glimpse into freedom. And I liked it.

Of course this one kept saying "eeh eehh eeeehhh" all weekend long.



Melanie said...

I love the little face Astrid is making in that photo!
I know what you mean, I love it when my kids just PLAY together! That's why I love breaks! Although, we are on day 3 of pretty much being home because of all the ice (very limited road crews here, so the streets stay bad) and I may go a little crazy! Glad you had a wonderful 3 day weekend...wishing you many more!

Michelle said...

they cleaned up after themselves? seriously? I'm green.

Jen said...

I look forward to that freedom, too............I have a little one about Astrid's age, also, though, so it might be a bit longer here :)

PS I totally agree with what you wrote at the beginning of your entry........I'm *already* dreading next summer!!!! Last summer I overcompensated and made a calendar with activities/crafts/etc. to do every day just so we'd have some structure/etc. I drive myself crazy!

Mathmom and family said...

We moved to homeschooling this semester. Would that be your nightmare? My middle two have days of terror and days of pure joy like you describe. I never know what I'm going to get. So glad you got the best!

heather said...

astrid makes me giggle!

ya know i love my girls so much. but i too fret when there are days off from school. some enjoy the breaks so that they can sleep in, etc. not me. does that make me a bad mom? i really do adore my girls.

i had such high hopes having two daughters close in age. in my only child imagination i pictured instant BFF's. whoa was i wrong. they bicker! and fight! i guess they spend too much time together.

every once in awhile, though, they do play together like friends. and that makes my heart sing. and makes my internet time so much easier.

Amanda M. said...

I completely heart the pic of Astrid.
Just a few years they'll turn the corner of never even being home! Always wanting to be out with friends. I must admit I prefer the part where they play independently, but they're at home with me. My fave. Sounds like you got a perfectly wonderful three days of that. Totally rocks.

jill R said...

Two out of three aint bad :-)

Rachelle said...

Ditto what Amanda M. said. Kids grow up too fast, I'm finding out. But,I agree with you: school is good. How lovely that the girls get along so well. That pic of Astrid is perfect. Love the expression. Thanks for keepin' it real. :o)

Kimberly said...

OMG Tracy! Funniest face EVER!

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