Friday, January 29, 2010

New to Me...

About 2 years ago at my first Matilda Jane conference, I roomed with the one of the sweetest woman you will ever meet. Having not roomed with a woman in many years for many reasons I was intrigued to see the many accoutrement's in her toiletry bag - the make-up, the lotions, the beautiful products, but mainly the intriguing flat iron.

In high school, I rose by 5am every morning to burn the shit of my hair - to curl it and tease it and aqua net it until it stood a good 6 inches above my head in glorious 80's style. I would then plaster my face with Maybelline liquid base and blue eyeshadow with occasional streaks of pink.

I graduated to college and it was there that I threw away all of my products - and my hair hasn't seen a curling product or my face a base product since. My toiletry bag became one of lotion, deodorant and toothpaste and my hair was held in a ponytail.

Upon unpacking the flat iron I asked "what is that? what is that for?" My sweet friend laughed at me and said "why it is a flat iron - you have never seen one?" She then proceed to make her hair as smooth and beautiful as a baby's bottom and I was impressed with this new technology.

For two long years I have thought about that encounter and the beauty that flat iron made, so on Monday while making my Target $100 store run, there was an end cap of beautiful bubblegum pink flat irons that caught my eye.

Could I do it? Do I need it? It's had been 22 years since I owned my last hair product..would it seem obsessive and just a wee bit silly? Could I tell anyone?

I sheepishly put it in my cart and hid it under the paper towels like a man shopping for feminine products and made my way to check-out.

Upon unpacking the bags, my girls exclaimed "oh Mom, what is that?" I said "I believe it is something you can straighten or curl your hair with."

"Can you do ours?" They exclaimed loudly like I had brought home the best party game ever.

As I did their hair and they smiled in approval at the results - I had forgotten how a simple item can make you feel so beautiful. I am not sure this will ever be used on my hair, but the beauty gained from this purchase has been worth every dime.



The Planet Pink said...

Ah, mine run shrieking in horror if I attempt to bring a hair appliance close to their heads. *sigh*

Amanda M. said...

LOVE it. ;)

Mathmom and family said...

I'm still not sure how a flat iron works, but I'm proud of you for getting one and trying something new.

Do you ever worry that because you don't use things like that more often and don't have a lot of makeup that your girls will suffer for it? I sometimes stress that my girls will be behind in the girly arts because of my plain nature.

Ginny said...

I love this! The expression on Eloise and Esther faces are priceless. Isn't it always the way - when you have curly hair, you want straight. When you have straight hair you want curl. I've never seen Eloise with straight hair and of course she is beautiful - even with her natural curls! This all seems to be the perfect solution for both the girls. Good job Mom:)

Stacey said...

Just today, with my dear friends & co-workers I had the "flat iron" debate... Personally I couldn't live w/out mine... I will have to also throw in my opinion of the ceramic plate... if ever you decide to really get crazy & use one regularly... ceramic is the way to go... it is smoother (easier on the scalp) and gets much hotter for quicker easier straightening... Some will call me a flat iron snob... this may be true... but if it is the decision you make... GO BIG or Go Home... hahah! too much fun... EnJoY!!!

Melanie said...

I love this post because I am so with you! I don't color my hair nor use any instruments in styling other than a brush, I mean I haven't seen a hairdryer since 1993...however, I have been somewhat intrigued by the whole flat-iron thing...give it a try & let me know what you think! But I have worked so hard to cut time OUT of my getting ready routine, I seriously doubt I need to start adding steps back in!

Rachelle said...

Cute all the way... the grass is always greener, but whatever it takes to make those girlies feel good about themselves is worth doing. Except blue eye shadow. Your girls are so beautiful au natural.

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