Thursday, January 21, 2010

You Never...

You never let us have fun.
You never feed us what we want for dinner.
You never let us stay up late.
You never let us order books.
You never help with our homework.
You never play with me instead of HER.
You never let me wear what I want.
You never wake me up on time so I am not rushed.
You never take my side.
You never pack my backpack right.
You never brush my hair gently.
You never let us watch TV like our friends do.
You never say yes.
You never are nice.
You never let me do ANYTHING.

Things that I hear every day, that I wish I never did. I cannot imagine how long this list will be when they are teenagers.



Ann said...

Hi Tracy! I'm a friend of rachelle's (sorry my capital 'r' is broken)--she told me about your blog a couple months ago and I've been enjoying it ever since. We have good laughs over some of your topics & comments. Anyway - your list today contains some of my pet peeves - enough so that I'm going to is the parent's job to be the 'meanie'& I'm ok with that! Some strategies that have worked in our family: let them pick a meal 1x/week or month, get them an alarm clock, point out every time you say yes (they'll stop telling you how often you say no) and pick out a couple outfits you can live with and let them pick from that on school days...then it will be their choice. Those have been my biggest challenges over the years & have worked for the most part. Sorry to write so much. Thanks for keeping up your blog - you have such a beautiful family and a great sense of humor.

Ginny said...

I'm pretty sure while you are raising your children and they start in with all of the "nevers" - that is when you eventually say things like "if ......jumped off the bridge does that mean you would do that!" Parenthood is so fun. You are on the right track if they are saying that - it just shows you have rules and expectations. Remember: you are trying to make it as miserable for them so they eventually want to move out on their own:) The real goal is to be their friend once they leave home and all this pain goes away (well, it should!)

Michelle said...

actually the list gets shorter because they start to realize how cool you are.

really. i'm not kidding.

Angela Elle Photography said...

I get this list a lot too and Jessa added to it last night by saying that everything is always my fault. Really? Some days it is hard to not have hurt feelings by all of it!

Melanie said...

I hear the "you nevers" also, but what really gets me are the "but I don't WANT to..." Seriously! What about that I don't WANT to listen to whining & screaming...or I don't WANT to deal with poop all day long...or I don't WANT to listen to kids songs every waking moment...
Teachable moment: Life isn't always about what we WANT!

Amanda M. said...

i am sure you do not hear "you never give me enough love or hugs" - and that's most important. :) of all the 'i nevers' that i hear, as long as that's not one of them, i am all good.

Melanie said...

which is why, you can NEVER and i mean NEVER have enough red wine.

heather said...

well seeing what the tween-age has brought, i'm scared of the teens. very scared. *le sigh*

jill R said...

If it's any consolation....I'm a bad parent with great shortcomings like you, Tracy. I knew I was in good company.

My oldest doesn't complain much anymore...she's seen enough of other kid's homelife/parenting and is realizing what she's got going in her family.

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