Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Night of a Mother...

(Please note this picture has nothing to do with my post - I just didn't have one to share. It was my centerpiece at Christmas. The picture is of me and my brother - we were 1 and it was our 2nd Christmas.)

(Also, just for the record my hair is still as stick straight as usual. The curls were just for fun that day to freak out my kids. It worked.)

The Night of a Mother...

6:35 pm Baby's asleep
7:15 pm Girl's are asleep
7:16 pm Mom pours a glass of wine, flops onto the couch and opens her computer
7:17 pm Channel surfing for reality TV
7:30 pm Hubby joins - pours beer, flops on chair across the room and opens laptop
(we are very romantic that way)
8:00 pm Hubby sleeping/snoring loudly in chair. I throw cat toys at him to make it stop
9:30 pm Baby wakes - screaming
10:30 pm I go to bed
11:30 pm Baby wakes - screaming
12:30 am I wake to the noise of the cat puking - get up, find cat, clean-up cat puke
1:30 am Oldest daughter yells out for a drink of water after a bad dream
2:00 am Cat paws at my head and sneezes at my face and starts sniffling to let me know he has a cold and then snuggles under the covers with me.
2:30 am Baby wakes - screaming
3:30 am Husband wakes with HUGE coughing fit, waking the whole household up
4:30 am Cat jumps on me wanting his breakfast
4:35 am Get Up
5:00 am Baby wakes - screaming

And so it goes...


Wendy said...

I currently have a cat for sale. Wonder if we could go in together and set up some kind of two for one deal? Think we could get any takers? Strangely enough, my word verification at the bottom of this says "nuater" - is that some kind of code? Some kind of sign? Looks a lot like neuter, is my cat trying to cosmically send me a message that he peed on my kids bed last night because we neutered him 12 years ago? Farking cats. I feel your pain.

The Planet Pink said...

Hey, the family that "surfs" together, stays together! At least that's what hubby and I tell each other as we sit side by side with our laptops. LOL

Jill R said...

I can 100% guarantee Donut found a rug/carpet/bath robe to leave you his gift on. Cats are so thoughtful like that. They would never consider using an easily cleaned hard surface. Damn cats. Why do I have 2 housecats myself? *scratching head*

The irritations of life, but all the while, blissful in itself knowing this is what a family living together entails. Did you see "The Blind Side" yet? Makes me appreciate the simple life I lead.

Kristi Pohl said...

I feel your pain. Claude has turned into an earlly morning meower, and for no good reason that I can figure out...but it is easier to block that noise than a screaming baby!

betsy ellis said...

Sleep deprivation is an ugly thing. When Nathan wasn't sleeping through the night yet at 14 months, I felt I was very close to getting to the hallucinating stage. I felt like I was one of the subjects in the experiments where they kept DJ's awake for 48 hrs or more to see what it did to them. You have my empathy.

betsy ellis said...

One time Ian came home from work to the pretty picture of me after a bout of food poisoning. He walked up to the bedroom to find I had been puking into a wastebasket while sitting on the toilet. What I didn't know is that, perhaps in sympathy, the cat had puked on the stairs during all this, and he had to clean up after both of us.

Amanda M. said...

This might be strange, but I feel oddly comforted that someone else has a feline as strange and annoying as ours.

Rachelle said...

Oh you poor dear woman in need of a massage. I remember those days of something happening every hour. Gross. I know advice makes you insane, but I hope you're "napping when the baby naps". Seriously good advice. Take advantage of anything you can during these nursing months. You are busy with that baby, anything else is a plus and should be applauded. I love your centerpiece, by the way, which, I hope, was applauded.

AFC said...

I am reading this as my 6 month old is screaming like he is being stabbed... it's just nap time little guy! I am evil though and I ignore him and turn the music up. He is overtired and eventually falls asleep for hours.

Heather - Hopelessly Flawed said...

If someone in my house tried to make me start my day at 4:35 am, *I* would be the one to wake up screaming! I don't know how you do it! I'm a night owl - I usually go to bed between 3-4 am!

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