Friday, January 8, 2010

When your Stylist goes to Rehab...

Esther was brushing my hair last week when she said "gosh Mommy, I like your new silver hair - where did you get it?"

This was my subtle clue that it had been 5 months since my last hair appointment and "color adjustment."

I dread getting my hair done - taking the time, spending the money and crying after the results.

The past 7 years have been good to me though, with a stylist who makes house calls, who has amazing vision during his meth-induced state, with cheap prices and fabulous results.

Sadly, he is no longer available - something to do with men in white coats, speeding vans and the State of Nebraska - I will never know for sure what happened.

So I have sat near the phone for 2 months - knowing I need a cut and color and not knowing where to call, talking myself out of making the call and considering a drug store box and some fiskars.

Panicking - how long will it take, can I leave the baby - the baby who hates everyone. She won't take a bottle, what if she needs to eat? Is gray hair really that big of deal?

But I don't want anyone to mistake me for being her Grandma.

So I called a salon to make an appointment - he asked me when I wanted to come in and I said "whenever it works for you all" and he said "how about tomorrow?"

Tomorrow - that soon??? Really - not like 2 months out or something.

So I went, left the baby - she screamed uncontrollably and inconsolably for 2 hours.

But I didn't hear her as I read my People magazine and took a brief nap under the dryer and sipped tea with no one under the age of 18 in sight.

..and I have my natural brown back - and a little extra Moxie.



Sahnya said...

did you go to Moxie?

You look splendid!

Melanie said...

Your hair looks gorgeous & I like the curls. Glad you got to take a few hours for yourself...I have seriously not had a hair cut since May. And that was my first one in over a year!

Michelle said...

Gorgeous! And the druggie stylist is a great story.

I'm getting silver too but it hides in the blonde pretty well.

p.s. my babies hated everyone but me too, it's a sign of genius.

Wendy said...

You look so cute!! Love it! Sadly, I have resorted to the box at home, which is why my hair is always some crazy shade of brown, red, blonde or umm ... orange. LOL.

Rachelle said...

I love the look on your face in the top photo and must say that your long straight hair is really pretty. But, in the next few photos... you are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I hope Dan Dan the haircut man will get better. ;o)

Jill R said... cougar you (I know how much you love that analogy so I couldn't help but using it in this reply). But really, it was so worth the 2 hours as you look lovely. Now, here's hoping you can duplicate the look when it's your turn to fix your hair (why didn't I marry a stylist?.

Ann said...

Love the new do!! Looks great!

colored pencilgrandma said...

I LOVE IT! You look beautiful with the curls.I'm sort of partial to curly hair and you looked wonderful with it straight but this "do" is awesome. How does Jed and the girls like it?
Poor little Astrid doesn't want you out of her sight or maybe just the food source out of sight.

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