Monday, January 4, 2010

Crawling out of my Corner...

After all that moxie talk, my world ended when my Internet went down 3 days ago.

I am not suited to be a pioneer.

I had reached the point this morning where my kids found me sucking my thumb naked in the corner of the office.

I had just hit refresh for the four bazillioneth time and there was still no network connection.

I have called Comcast 2900 times and sobbed to them. It is Winter Holidays and I am not dragging 3 kids in the below zero cold to sit in a cafe with WiFi. I am desperate, but not insane.

But close.

When the repair man came last night, I ran out into the -20 temps with my bare feet and hugged him and offered him a beer...until he said he couldn't fix it, then I sobbed some more after putting snow down his coat.

There was a time I lived before the Internet, and at that time I enjoyed hiking and camping and backpacking and writing paper letters.

But I don't poop in the woods anymore and I want my Internet back.

xoxo, t


Jill R said...

ACCK!!! We JUST got our internet up after having it out for an eternity (Saturday night to Monday a.m.). The lovely frost apparently broke our buried cable the repairman said...can't be fixed until Spring. WHAT? I locked him in the basement until he promised to run something temporary to get it up and running again, thankfully, he thought of something. I'm sure the patch will work until our next storm :-(

Rachelle said...

I'm not meant to be a Pioneer either, I have missed my daily dose of Sellabit Mum! So glad to see you're back in action. Whew.

Amanda M. said...

Doesn't Comcast realize you've got tons of readers who can't get by without you? Like me?
I am so not meant to be a pioneer, either. And I've missed Sellabit Mum. LOTS.

Melanie said...

Oh, I so thought this post meant your internet was back in on them! I have missed you, too & hope that you can get out of the ice ages, soon. No pioneering here either!

Michelle said...

breathe deep. and go buy yourself a mac.

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