Monday, January 25, 2010

The Sins of my Mother...

There are many things that I forgive of my mother...
- her lack of baking skills
- her voiced opinions
- her lack of knowledge of Monet
- her tenacious personality that only a person barely passing 5 feet tall can have

I see in my own motherhood that I need to also be an advocate for my kids - whether they want me to be or not - and with everything a Mother does, we do from our hearts.

There is only one thing that after now 35 years I still could not forgive of my mother.


...not just the haircut that was forced upon me - but wow all of a sudden with this new short "do" I should also be dressed like a boy to match my brother. Really?

I would like to now publicly apologize and forgive my Mom, as now here I deal with brushing out 2 girls long hair with knots and having to deal with crying and screaming and fights every.damn.morning. By 8am I need a stiff drink.

My mom was a pretty smart cookie to cut it off and end the morning madness.

Sure, I still wish I had long locks...but all is now forgiven.

Sorry Mom.

Moms are not really superheros, we just play one at home. We sin daily with our shortcomings and trials and errors. But we succeed daily with our love.

Anything you need to forgive of your Mom today?


Janell said...

I am laughing right now b/c not only do I have the same morning ritual but I had the SAME haircut!!! The question is why did they have you in the "my precious brother, Troy, whom I love and adore" pose?

Kristi Pohl said...

I had a pixie and it wasn't even to match my brother, I am quite sure it had more to deal with the trauma of dealing with my long hair. I remember going to the "beauty shop" over Gibsons on
3rd street, and they literally put my hair in a pony tail and chopped it off right above the rubber band. My mom saved it, I am guessing she still has it, and for that I forgive her....

Michelle said...

Dorothy Hamill ruined it for all of us. My mom was soooo enamored of the short cuts.

Jill R said...

This makes me wonder what stupid mom ideas I'll be remembered by. Sorry about the boy bob & matching rugby, it's funny now but oh my.

Amanda M. said...

I need to forgive my mother for thinking she could trim my bangs herself. Perhaps I should post some of my childhood pictures for all to see on my own blog or FB page....oh my word. Really she should have just taken a razor to my hairline. They were THAT short. ;)
Love your pics.

Heather - Hopelessly Flawed said...

I could just 'ditto' Janell's comment on this one. And I hate that my childhood pictures look so ugly compared to the cute long-haired girls, but I don't blame my mom one bit.

We're sporting shoulder-length bobs right now (on all 3) and it's a more manageable length that still looks girly (as opposed to the monstrosity I was sporting)

Mathmom and family said...

I think Michelle is right. Let's stop blaming our moms and blame Dorothy Hamill. I had that horror of a cut, too.

Stacey said...

Oh ladies... enough w/ the Dorothy Hamill bashing... I personally chose that "do".

As for the "Sins of my mother..." I'm going to have to plead the 5th. My mother certainly lived her life... However I always knew my place in her heart... Tracy,you know the story and I must say that given her situation, she did better than most. I will, rather than forgive her, thank her for the life lessons learned through her...

As is well known... I love my Mama!


Wendy said...

I had that same haircut - but sadly it was in 9th grade. :P I am about ready to give my girl that same cut since she cut off half herself. But I have to thank you for sharing those gorgy pictures!

sunshine_daisies said...

Laughing so hard at the picture. My mom cut off my luscious locks to a similar fate in the first grade. I was often mistaken for my brother Tim- for years. My mom swears to this day, that I won't let go of my long hair now because of those years. LOL

Thanks for the laughs!

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