Wednesday, December 23, 2009

and it's a Wrap...

I have done it all this year.

Presents bought - check.

Presents wrapped - check.

Nutcracker attended - check.

Santa seen - check.

Elf is on the shelf - check.

Tree up and Halls decked - check.

Cards done and mailed - check.

Christmas songs sung - check.

Christmas shows watched - check.

Birthday passed without a f*$%#&*&%$*^ cake - check.

Wine and champagne drank drunk and drunked and dranked - check.

..and now cookies are baked - check, check and double checked.

But when will kids ever get the whole "less is more" when it comes to cookie decorating?



Rachelle said...

You HAVE done it all! The Christmas season is exhausting. Your girls will have wonderful memories. I still say... let's get through December and move on to lovely boring January, the month to clean up the house and start a fresh new year. Ahhh, January smells like a dryer sheet. Very cute pictures, by the way. You are a great mom, that much is clear. I wish you had a cake. No fair.

jill R said...


Melanie said...

Those are the sweetest (perhaps literally :-) Christmas cookies I've ever seen!
You've done everything, now sit back & enjoy Christmas!
So sorry about the cake :-(

Ginny said...

Thank goodness for the girls you like keeping them busy having fun! YOU ARE WOMAN - whew! How do we do it??? Someday the girls will be old enough to buy that Birthday cake for you! Enjoy the day YOU have prepared for the family.

Kristi Pohl said...

I'm bringing the cake on Christmas Day, and we can sing Happy Birthday to you and Jesus. What the heck!

colored pencilgrandma said...

You are sooo organized and your daughters with you. Sorry about the cake. Would have had one sent had we known it would not be provided by Jed. Shame on him. We never NEVER did not have birthday cakes.

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