Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fashion Tips...

Soft, quilted, padded, floral one-piece romper. Cute on 4 month old.

Not cute on 40 year old.

Ruffle bum with added tulle for more of a puffy butt. Cute on 4 year old.

Not cute on 40 year old.

Just trying to help you out here.


Ginny said...

Astrid is beautiful! Cute picture of Esther looking in her stocking already - and the stockings are darling hanging there:)

Amanda M. said...

Now, who are they wearing?

Amanda M. said...

Um, I meant BEAUTIFUL, not "beatiful." Proofreading would be wise. Duh.

Michelle said...

I need that bustle dress; you know I do. I was just too slow this year.

p.s. for mary, not me. I have have enough padding in the bustle region. ;)

Melanie said...

Adorable! Love your stockings, did you make them?

Rachelle said...

Great pics as always! Astrid looks so happy and healthy. Cute of Esther peeking in the stockings! You seem very organized this early in the season. Yikes.

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