Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Smorganization - the act of organizing 2 million things at one time.

I had a breakdown of sorts yesterday and told the girls that we could not have a Christmas tree this year AND that Santa was not coming unless we disposed of, donated, or just generally hauled out and lit a fire to a bunch of crap consuming the house.

Have you ever tried to get rid of toys when your children are home? Here's a tip - IT DOES NOT WORK. One toy goes in the donate bin and it's all "oh that is my favorite...blah blah blah.." and I am like, dude - you haven't touched that in 3 years!

My plan was to use my 3 hours today while kid 2 was at preschool, and while cranky, crazy-ass never sleeps for more than 15 minutes at a time so do you think I get anything done..NO baby was screaming at me from the bouncy seat.

I was a wreck at about 3am with the snow and wind and sub-zero temps that a snow day would be called. I am sorry but in my home snow day = bad, school day = good. Thank goodness school was ON and my plan for toy organization and disposal was in place.

Problem is - my toy organization, disposal and dismemberment turned into, "hell, since I have drank my pot of coffee and since I have this 3 hours broken into 10 minute increments while the baby isn't cursing at me, let's also dust the high places in the house, haul down our 42 tubs of winter crap, order the calendars for the Grandparents, address our Holiday cards, finish sewing those last minutes gifts, wrap a few gifts, knit a scarf and polish off a pitcher of bloody mary's."

I had a total flipping smorganization session. At one point when I had all this crap out, I thought for sure that the film crew to the show Hoarders was going to barge in and totally out me to my friends and family. I even looked like a hoarder today.

By the end of the day though I hauled 3 leaf bags to the dump and 4 tubs to Goodwill. Calendars are orders, envelopes are addressed, sewing is sewn and knitting is knitted, and now my wine bottle is almost empty.

So I can say "yes, Eloise and Esther there will be a Santa Claus this year and a tree and everything..and even that damn Chrissa is coming home this year."



Kristi Pohl said...

I am pretty sure as soon as Bravo finds you, you are going to get your very own reality series. Kate plus 8 is so 2008. Hows about I whisper in the ear to one of the camera people following the Mall Cops around? Do you think I would get a finders fee?

Melanie said...

Wow, I am tired just reading all that you accomplished today! Go you!
But I agree about getting rid of all the crap before we usher in the new crap! Our neighborhood had a yard sale in mid-November, so that was a good motivation for getting stuff organized a bit...that & the fact that we are selling our house.
Love your skirt...did you make it?
Also, loved all the vintage Fisher Price I saw in the pictures...I'm so glad they have brought back the old Little People Farm!

Rachelle said...

Fun-nee. We have a hoarder in our midst and it is scary. He has tubs of old toys under his bed that are his Favorites. Ya, uh huh. And, I know the feeling of the freight train... once you've started, you just want to tackle the whole house! Love the photos of the piles... keepin' it real, sistah. Thanks. Krist's comments cracked me up.

Amanda M. said...

WOW. I am so impressed. I do not think I have accomplished a fit of organization like that in years. Good for you!

Tiernee said...

Four words - can you do mine?

Michelle said...

my kids are saying, "Why are you laughing? What's so funny?"


just Tracy.

Jill R said...

FWIW....snowdays throw me into a total funk too (and yes, we had one yesterday). They reduce me to a puddle and had you looked, you could have found me huddled in my closet, crying.

You ROCK for all the check marks you made on your list, woman...even with a cranky baby. I need whatever motivation you have as I don't have nearly as much done as you with fewer excuses.

CARISSA is coming home! WHOOO HOOOOooo.

The Planet Pink said...

snow day = bad in our home too.

Sahnya said...

Every time I hear of someone else's cranky baby it increases my faith in God! ... there are far to many babes out there content to sleep lots and happily gaze into space. Thank you Astrid!

Fantastic job Tracy! Savor the organization ... isn't it great to purge!

heather said...

you rock!!!

your post is the story of my life. i need to take your lead and take control BEFORE school vacation!

love the skirt!!!

Jen said...

Way too funny---love that you don't pretend to be lovey dovey mama all of the time---"cranky ass"--lol I have a 6 month-old--I know the feeling sometimes (about everything you wrote :) Love your blog!

Tracy said...

Next stop - over here. I need some smorganization too.

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