Monday, December 14, 2009

It's my Party...

Sometimes December makes me feel like I am drowning in a sea of sprinkles.

Don't you just hate when the damn top comes off.

I have been bitchy lately and my emotions are a constant roller coaster of pure joy as I spend time with friends and family to complete destruction from a hurtful comment - to pure joy as I think about the gifts I have purchased this year to pure dread from the credit card bill coming in January.

As the Mom - my lists are a mile long this season and my ass hasn't hit the couch in 2 weeks. And if it has hit the couch, it is only for on-line Christmas shopping, knitting a gift, sewing a gift, ordering cards, calendars, blogging, uploading photos and let's not forget nursing every 2 1/2 hours. I have to say that when someone elses ass hits the couch OFTEN to do nothing, my head explodes.

And as much as I love our Christmas tree this year - it is perfect. Now I feel like it is just ONE.MORE.THING I need to keep alive, even if it is just for 11 more long days.

And I still hate the cat.

I still want to take the girls to the Holiday Parade, to bake cookies, to wrap presents. I love this season even if it does give me a happy migraine.

The good news is that I have given up drinking red wine this month and have decided to drink sparkling white every night to give me just a bit more Holiday Cheer.

And just for the record - I did not sleep with Tiger.

Ho Ho Ho, t


Jill R said...

Geee.....Merry Christmas, Tracy. I'm glad you are enjoying December immensely, LOL! (and this is why Halloween is quickly taking over my "favorite holiday" spot, Christmas is too much work and I don't enjoy it much)

Amanda M. said...

OH, Tracy! How I love this post! Such a perfect summary of being a mom during Christmastime.....

Wendy said...

My head explodes for that exact same reason. And then I have to clean up all that exploded head mess myself too. LOL.

jjlobitz said...

I feel the exact same way about our Christmas tree... and certain people sitting on the couch.

Rachelle said...

This post is hilarious and depressing all at once and I'm SO happy you didn't sleep with Tiger. Then again... maybe you wouldn't hate the cat so much.

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