Monday, December 28, 2009

Astrid 5 months...A letter from Mom

Dear Astrid,

You are 5 months old. Can you believe it?

Gosh it's been a long 5 months. Time is not flying by as it is suppose to. As people say it will. Time is taking forever because you cry too much. Really.

And it is annoying and you need to get over it.

You were my 2nd crankiest child a few months back, but now you have won the award. Are you happy now? Can we move on to greener pastures?

Why do you have to hate everyone but me(and your sisters) and the cat? Why oh why do you like the cat? Really?

I love that you love me but my goodness, get over yourself. I have never seen such a baby with attitude. You raise your eyebrows and smirk. Smirk. You are 5 months old and do not deserve the bitchy attitude of a 7 year old. You don't.

You still wake-up 4 times per night and I let you. No you aren't hungry. Just bitchy. You just have more complaints you need to register that you weren't able to fit in that day.

I tried to start you on solid food, but it turns out your digestive system is bitchy too and you cannot tolerated anything but breast milk and now you aren't allowed other food or liquids until you are like 12. Whatever.

You take 5 or 6 annoying 20 minute naps per day and then complain about how tired you are between the naps. On the rare occasion you sleep for 2 hours I am like "I told you so" because you are actually happy for 20 minutes after that nap. TWENTY WHOLE MINUTES!!

You still sleep next to me because I am too lazy to get you a bed and you are warm. I promise to not tell your boyfriends that you are still sleeping next to me and nursing at 12. It will be our little secret.

Problem is, when you wake-up, even for the forth time - I melt when I see your sweet face and look into your eyes.

You are the best present I have ever received and that is why I put up with you.

You are my baby and will be incessantly spoiled for your whole life and I am okay with that.

You just need to stop being a bitch.

Love, Mom


Jaci said...

I dunno T....she always looks so sweet & innocent in your pics. I'm not sure I believe you that she's cranky. I am heading up to your neck of the woods this week, maybe I'll have to drop by & see for myself. :)

Ann said...

OMG, Tracy... I love the way you make me laugh!! Sorry about the bitchiness, but she sure is gorgeous!!!

You asked over on my blog about the letter... it went over great. No problems at all. Did you watch the video? She was thrilled with Kirsten! You didn't cave... you're just a better Santa!!! :)

Izzy'sMom said...

She may be bitchy but she is a doll!

Stacey said...

I have one too... they are deceptive in their looks! They are known as the "Alpha".
Bless us in our 40year old motherhood!

GORGEOUS photos!


Ginny said...

Sorry for her bitchiness - although hard to believe with these MOST beautiful pictures! When I look at some of your pictures I think about pictures of long ago (100 years ago) and think - she (or they) are dressed just like the "old days" - spooky, maybe they weren't really the "old" days at all! They were like you and took some pictures in black and white and just found clothes like that!!! I must add, Astrid is so beautiful, as are the other girls. Sounds as tho you are spoiling her just a bit and she just wants to be with you always!

Angela Elle Photography said...

This made me laugh....I could have written this to Jessa 3 years ago. And for the record, she is still bitchy 3 years later but it's much easier to deal with now.

She looks so adorable in these pictures, I can see how you are able to tolerate all the attitude!!

Jill R said...

I don't believe a word you say about her. I just don't. Anyone that gorgeous cannot be so foul. She is purely dreamy.

Amanda M. said...

OMG. I could have written this exact.same.letter. to my youngest. I feel your pain, sista. ;)

Rachelle said...

These pictures are SO beautiful. She is a gorgeous baby! That outfit, oh my. Again, I sure hope you frame some of these. WAY too cute. Sorry about the lack of napping and the crying. That's hard. But, man is she cute.

Wendy said...

Anyone THAT good looking has a right to be a diva.

My worst baby EVER turned out to be the best kid. Shhh, don't tell him I said that!!

Jen said...

hee hee hee Loved the cat part.........we have a cat that sounds a lot like yours older DD and I can't stand him, but Sydney, my 6 mo. old baby, and DH love him......
Your photos of Astrid are stunning!

Melanie said...! Astrid is gorgeous! I think it is something about #3...especially when #3 is a girl...they somehow very early on fancy that the world will bend to their whims! I think she is really looking a lot like your older girls now (perhaps she always has?)...all of your girls are lovely! Blessings for a great New Year (and prayers that it involves a tad less crying...)

Melanie said...

This totally reminds me of that Sex & the City episode when Samantha baby-sat Brady. She said he wouldn't stop crying b/c he was an asshole.

It also reminds me of my first nine months with Aidan. It's shocking that I ever had another child after him. I hope she doesn't mind a little wine/vodka/bourbon/tequila in the breastmilk. Seriously.

Rachelle said...

I had to come back and look at these photos again. Her chubby & rosy cheeks, big blue eyes, red rosebud lips and slight smile... whoa. Is there a baby contest near you? Not that I'm the kind of mom to suggest such a thing, but she would clearly win. Sooo sweet is she!

Rachelle said...

Okay, I had to scroll down these photos again and now I'm chuckling. She is SO darn cute. Seriously. Dude~ it takes away from your dialogue. She's adorable. No one is going to believe she causes any trouble. Just look at that face. Sigh...

AFC said...

My middle child was a terrible baby.. I mean cried every second he was awake unless he was in his swing..but as another poster said, he is now my easiest child!! My new baby is a piece of cake..but check back with me during toddlerhood. I bet he will be a terror just like my oldest. Many wishes for good days to come!! XOXO

Kristi Pohl said...

Hang in there, dear friend, this too shall pass...and I don't mind holding a crying baby every now and then, to give you a break - especially when she is this beautiful!

ApplePieMom said...

Dear Tracy -
You could have been writing about my eldest, my first born, now 30 - the one getting married next month. She's turned out great, but she was so fussy, so colicky - my ex-mother-in-law told me she was the fussiest baby she'd ever seen, and she had given birth to 12 - had 20 some grandchildren at the time. They call it acid reflux now - and suggest chiropractic therapy. Had I know, I would have tried ANYTHING. This too shall pass. She's beautiful. Happy New Year.

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