Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Astrid 8 months..

Dear Astrid,

The last week has been fabulous - I mean how could it not when you go to bed by 7pm..and then are up at 8:30, 10, 11:15, 12, 2, 3:30, 5 and 6? How could it not. I mean who really needs sleep? Getting up 7 times per night just seems so normal now.

What I love the most about your getting up 5-7 times per night is that you don't just whimper and stir - you wake the neighborhood. I assume this means you will be in theatre someday for the drama you exude at 4 in the morning?

The whole family is starting to enjoy your nightly antics.

I am a strict mom when it comes to sleeping, too - and will let you cry it out. You are so amazing and determined that you can seemingly joyfully cry for 5 hours straight. Wow. My head just popped off.

Now, I know you are mad at me for using Elmer's to stick that bow on you this week - but you need to get over it. I couldn't find the Vaseline anywhere..and the Elmer's washed right out.

And I know you are probably thinking "well, I am her last baby - so she must want to spend 24/7 with me - so I will just figure out a way to make it so..." Which is true to an extent. Or maybe you are just spoiling me now, so when I finally do get sleep, in a year or so, - it is not such a rude awakening when you come home drunk with your friends when you are 16 and wake the whole house up again? Sadly, by then I will probably be too old to care...so thank you for doing this to me while I am still relatively young.

In other news, your world revolves around your sisters. Your face lights up and you squeal when they come home from school. You just want to be near them. I can already picture you next Fall, standing outside waiting for the bus, when you are not in your bed screaming.

You are starting to feed yourself a bit. Not very successfully yet, so Donut is happy to eat the scraps left to the floor. Donut is a freak to eat mushy half-eaten baby food remains.

Esther has named your scowl your "icky face" - and now I get to hear the girls tell you 268 times per days to stop making your "icky face!" A simple smile goes a long way, girlfriend.

In closing, like Mrs Sullivan said this weekend "it is a good thing you are cute!"

Love you no matter what,


Kristi Pohl said...

Mrs. Sullivan IS right. Now when is Astrid going to start going on casting calls for world's cutest baby? Ihear PW's life is being made into a movie...I am voting for Viggo to play Marlboro Man.

Ginny said...

How precious is she?? I can hardly wait to hold her - I hope she will let me!! YOU are an amazing photographer. I, too, vote for the cutest baby!

Amanda M. said...

I think you are just making up all of this screaming nonsense. That supremely beautiful baby is the picture of quiet serenity in all of those pictures.
You are such a good photographer. I want you to come take pics of my children. I think it's only like an 8 hour drive or something like that. You can totally do it in one day. In all your spare time.
~ A. ;)

Tina said...


I can soooo relate to the night chaos. It's like you get cat naps inbetween the screaming baby.

Lovely, isn't it?

Cute blog!

Michelle said...

thanks for the laugh. I'm still giggling. 'Cause that's exactly what my babies were like.

heather said...

She may have attitude but gosh she is beautiful!

In fact, it's so hard to look at that precious, sweet face and imagine her other side or her icky face...

colored pencilgrandma said...

I'm sorry she is such a fussy baby re bedtime. Takes after her Daddy in that 100%. Never thought Jed would ever go to sleep at night. Now he can't get enough sleep Ha!
She is sooooo adorable. She should be a calendar pin up. I especially love the aqua pinafore. It matches her beautiful blue eyes. Love, love love!

Rachelle said...

What a little dolly! How could someone so cute cause so much trouble??

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