Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Party...

Esther's 5th Birthday

A Princess Tea Party
At Esther's Castle
Saturday, March 6th from 1-3 in the afternoon
Princess attire admired but not required

The Menu

Chai Tea Latte
Sparkling Pink Lemonade
Pink Fudge Hearts
Fresh Raspberries and tangerines
Magic Wand Cookies
Finger sandwiches - ham or cucumber
Cheese torts
Crown topped cupcakes

The Festivities

Tape the crown on the princess(made by Eloise)
Decorate your own tea set
Making flower bracelets
Decorating magic wands
..and of course, color the castle

Thank You For Coming

A balloon, a tissue flower and a festively filled handmade Tussie Mussie for each and every princess.


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Kate said...

What a lovely party. Anna's turning 5 in May and you have given me some wonderful ideas, thanks!

Ginny said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all! Looks like A LOT OF WORK WENT INTO THIS. Good job Mom and Kristi:) Esther looks SOOOO happy. Thanks for sharing.

Mathmom and family said...

It looks like a perfect 5 year old party! The Smilebox slideshow was wonderful. Can't wait to try that site.

Amanda M. said...

Oh my word. I almost cried. That was just like the most PERFECT.PARTY.EVER.
I would like for you to throw the same one for me. For my 35th. It's in November. You have plenty of time to plan.

Jen said...

100% adorable..........she looked just giddy at her party :)

Melanie said...

I love it all, what a beautiful, fun party! Every detail was perfect! The "tape the crown on the princess" was adorable & I love it when the kids make cute things for one another like that. So sweet, your Eloise! Hope that Esther enjoyed her day as Queen! Looks like all of the royal subjects had a fabulous time!
Job well done T!

Jill R said...

What a lucky little girl, she looked like Glenda the good witch in her fabulous crown. You mommy, are da'bomb!

Aunt Sandy said...

Very cool and fun!!!

Stacey said...

You should be a party planner in all of your free time... :) WOW... You're making Chucky Cheeze mega, super, skanky bad... but they serve beer now! Probably bad if we need a sober driver home from the 5th B-day party! ahahaha!

Tina said...

WOW!! Queen Esther is one lucky lady! :0) Beautiful Party! Can I hire Eloise? AND You? My Riley's birthday is in May! ;0) The cute little bugs running across the bottom of the screen freaked me out a bit. But once I got used to them I was fine...yeah...then a REAL SPIDER crawled across the screen! Yikes! LOL
Looked like a fabulous party! My girls are wondering why they were't invited. lol

Michelle said...

Are you kidding me? How adorable was that? I'm DYING over the flowers on the back of the chairs. Are those the same tissue paper flowers?

You and me girl. We need to plan a party together.

Rachelle said...

Beautiful decorations and beautiful girls. Esther looks as though she had a blast. What a princess! Love the invitation, love the tissue flowers, the castle, the crown, Eloise's game, the real flowers interspersed amongst the cupcakes. What a perfect party. Oh yes, and the photo of Astrid fussing. Reality. You went all out, it looks fabulous!

Beth said...

Now that's a birthday party! I'd like a Tracy-princess birthday...and definitely with those hats! Well done!

heather said...

What an awesomely beautiful party!!! You did good momma!

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