Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Why I blog...

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I started blogging 2 years ago immediately after my last first as a way to just write and talk to someone(the blog) besides myself.

(I talk to myself - out loud! Did you know that about me. It annoys my children to no end).

I also started it to share pictures and stories with just family - as they are all far away and do not see the kids much.

Simple. Boring Mommy Blogger.

My blog has become so much more for me.

It is now a place where I can connect to girlfriends. I feel like every day I am talking with Kristi, Michelle and Ann, Melanie, Monika and Melanie, Heather, Izzy's Mom and Heather, Amanda , Stacey and Jill, Jess, Tracy , Tina and Rachelle, Tifani and Tricia, Tiernee , Jen, Amanda, Kari and Wendy....and many more friends who comment and blog (And I would love to include Mrs. G, Heather, Jenny and Ree on that list - but our relationship is a little one sided, as I am just an admirer/part-time stalker of their talents.) These women provide me insight, support, hugs and laughter on their blogs and through their comments - and sometimes just a bit of sanity and trust knowing that I have girlfriends and more experienced moms to lean on and learn from out there in the cyberworld - not just here in St. Paul. (and they are a forgiving bunch by overlooking my horrible run-on sentences as shown above...I was a math girl in school..)

So, imagine my surprise when a lovely and talented mom named Tina emailed me last month. Tina is from Utah(where some of the best "mommy bloggers" live - and where I think I must travel to soon to find out why every woman is so gorgeous...)..

Tina has an amazing blog called Little Tots/Big Ideas. She is doing a feature on her blog about State and International Moms - so she is finding ladies in each state and country - and giving them a spotlight story. Seriously, what a cool idea. A great way to learn about each State and Country and a great way to connect with more blogging Moms.

Tina is funny, sincere, patient(as I am not the best when it comes to return emails...)kind, talented, beautiful and has a lovely family. She is a great writer too.

She found me from the Pioneer Woman's blog back in November. Remember when I met her? Funny how the world works.

Here is our story:

Tracy in Minnesota by Tina...

These connections that I have made through my blog have helped me through my darkest days of loss to my happiest days of birth. Girlfriends really do lift you up in ways that are unimaginable. Thank you ladies!



Monika said...

Way cool!!! You're famous now!!!

And I'm flattered that I made the friend list, since I hardly ever leave comments... I do read every day though ;-)!

Jill R said...

Okay'll be the next mommy blogger whose life will be featured on the big screen, I can see it starting to happen now. Hmmmm....wonder who will be cast to play you? Jed could be played by Vince Vaughn.

Amanda M. said...

OH, I am flattered I made your peeps list as well! <3 Muah!
What a fabulous story. I like that a pic of Donut was included since he is, after all, really excellent blog fodder. tee hee.
I love that you said Minnesotans do not talk like the people in Fargo. Perhaps it is because many of them do here in WI. ;)

Jen said...

Awwww, I love it! Congrats on the spotlight!!!
One thing did surprise me in your latest said that you were much more of a math girl in school---you are *such* a good writer (do run-on sentences REALLY matter anyway?! (and this coming from an English teacher :), and you're so creative! I would have pegged you as a total right-brainer :)

heather said...

Awe thanks for the shout out. =) And...congrats on the feature! You are definitely everything Tina shared and rock!

I'm also surprised that you say writing wasn't your thing back in school. I think you're great. Plus I'm no grammar queen so I don't notice those sort of things.

But I do know that your blog posts make me laugh, make me cry and everything in between!

Tina said...


I got teary eyed reading your blog today. Thank you for the nice comments. Even from across the miles, I can tell you are a wonderful mom. And I think they have some good looking women in Minnesota. It was a pleasure to do your spotlight. I will definitely keep in touch. I appreciate your sense of humor.

Mathmom and family said...

Hey! You said my name!

Congrats on the much deserved attention. You always make me think, smile, cry, laugh.

And can you email me? I can't find your address. I think I owe you money.

Wendy said...

How neat!! Thanks for including me on your list - I love reading your blog and of course can't help but comment most days. I'm a blabbermouth. :)

Rachelle said...

How very sweet that you mentioned me in your list of "friends". I kind of considered myself a stalker of yours (don't worry, I'm a very nice Minnesota type stalker). I feel so privileged! Gee, thanks. :o)

Melanie said...

What a wonderful post & I'm so excited for your feature on the Little Tots Big Ideas blog. It was fantastic! I totally agree with you that blogging is a great way to make some really cool friends that we might not have ever had the opportunity to meet IRL. I'm so thankful that I met you briefly through MJ & glad that you didn't think I was a crazy stalker when I started commenting on your every post! I agree with the masses, you are a fantastic writer & your blog is a joy to read! Thank you!

Rachelle said...

It has been so fun to try and make my way through your list of friends' blogs. I'm not all the way done yet, but really fun to see who else you read. Cool. Thanks for sharing.

Mama said...

Hi, Tracy. I love your blog! It's beautiful. Love the pictures of your girls too. I am going to come back and read!

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