Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Forward...

We experienced a taste of Spring this week. 60 degrees and sunshine. Our snow melted, our streets were cleared and the sounds of migrating geese filled the air.

Mainly though, the neighborhood came alive again. Kids out riding bikes and scooters down the sidewalks. Neighbors sitting on their front lawns with a book. A rush hour of babies in strollers going past all day long. Life.

We hibernate here in Minnesota from November to March. The snow arrives in November, followed by bitter cold, and the only glimpse of life you see in the neighborhood is that of neighbors rushing to and from their cars, careful not to slip on the ice.

The first nice day - we all emerge and congregate in the middle of the block. Hug and shake hands like long lost friends as kids play chase and pick up where they left off before the Winter. As I watch them play, I am always amazing by how quickly they change.

The girl who in October was a new kindergartner has lost her preschool baby fat and is a long lean girl now.

The little toddler, who was still tripping in October can ride a tricycle.

The 5th grader who began the Winter as a girl, has grown and blossomed into a pre-teen - both body and mind.

And the newborn on the block is now sitting up in her stroller - no longer a little baby - anxious to be a toddler and run and play.

The neighbor ladies flock to her - they want to again hold that sweet baby, who was just a small bundle in their arms last Fall. And as they all approach her, she scowls at them - raising her eyebrows in distaste and then screams at them all to keep their distance.

So they backed away laughing at this opinionated young child, and my favorite neighbor so eloquently said "well, there is a reason God made your child so beautiful - so we can tolerate her difficult personality."

Well said.

Happy Spring!


Wendy said...

Bwahaha, I say that all the time about my third child, he was made to be the most gorgeous of them all because otherwise we would have put him at the curb long ago. (but of course we love him dearly ... errrr ... most of the time.)

I have to laugh because I posted my blog just a few minutes after yours and it is titled similarly - I promise I am not cyber stalking you. ;-)

Momma T said...

She's not difficult; she's choosy. She likes me. What can I say - she has excellent taste!!

LOVE the outfits. They're even more amazing on!!!


Mathmom and family said...

'Round here we would just say that she is particular. Love the bonnet. Love the weather. Love the baby girl.

Rachelle said...

Oh my word! Gorgeous photos of your baby girl. My my, I do love your taste in wardrobe. Very sweet text, too. Welcome spring and hello neighbors.

Amanda M. said...

hahahaha! So funny.
I love her bonnet. What happened to bonnet wearing by babies? There is not enough of it anymore. Astrid looks just splendid in it!

Jill R said...

I love what winter gives us, appreciation. An appreciation for gorgeous weather, neighbors, flowers, green grass. Without winter and perfect weather 360 days of the year, I'm afraid I'd just pass all these wonders without appreciation if I had them all year long.

My oldest child had that "back off and DON'T touch me" thing going on. It was okay, a little embarrassing at times yes, but secretly, I didn't mind it.

Melanie said...

She really is gorgeous. All your girls are beautiful. You and Jed should consider marketing your genetic material.

Alexander said...

my word. she is so adorable. And her expression in the last photo? priceless!

Mary was exactly the same as a baby.

Michelle said...

excuse me. someone needs to post today. I need my Tracy-fix.

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