Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Sunday was a busy day for Eloise - a birthday party at the zoo and an outing to the American Girl store with a friend for dinner and movie and a bit of a shopping.

Jed was working all day, so Esther and Astrid and I did mundane things like laundry, dishes, vacuuming, driving Eloise to and fro, and basically doing what we usually do on busy Sundays - catching up from the week and preparing for another one.

And every 10 minutes, Esther would look up at me and say "I miss Eloise, is she coming home soon?"

I realized that planning a playdate for Esther would've been wise, as she was missing her big sister so much. So instead I told her that I would take her out for a very special dinner - just us - and she could choose ANYWHERE she wanted and eat ANYTHING she wanted - even if she chose to just eat at the ice cream parlor.

I held my breath, secretly hoping that the words McDonalds or Pizza didn't come out of her mouth. (McDonalds is a very special treat at our house on our 3 times per year journeys there and we have never been to a ChuckECheese and I pray nightly that we never will..)

"Sushi" she exclaimed - "and I want to sit at the bar and watch him make it for me!"
There were shouts of "woohoo" coming from me and hi-fives all around! I love a 5 year old who loves sushi!

So, we ate trays and trays of rolls and sashimi and pickled eggplant. And when you get a sushi chef that has a 3 year old - you get special cucumber rolls, all the sushi rice a baby can eat, and free green tea ice cream smothered in whip cream.
Next time she is insisting on a fancy drink with her own umbrella.


Mathmom and family said...

That is my kind of girl. Tell her that my Annie is our sushi girl. Maybe they can lunch together when they are older?

Rachelle said...

Who doesn't love a five year old that chooses sushi over McDonalds? Such style. Love the photos.

Michelle said...

I love the way her outfit coordinates with the occasion!

I too, am anti-Chuckie.

Mary would choose Normandie Cafe. I've taken photos there several times for blog posts but have never actually put them up.

Melanie said...

I had my first visit to Chuck-E's a couple of weeks ago. I was non-plussed to say the least.

But sushi! That's amazing. Makes me think I need to expose Catie to the stuff. Aidan would sooner DIE as he rarely eats many cooked food items, but Catie is more adventurous than big brother. I would love it if she and I had a special date @ a sushi restaurant. Cheers, Tracy! Your girls are fantastic.

Kristi Pohl said...

oooo-wish I could have been here to join you!

Kate said...

Anna and I should try a sushi outing. I think she might try anything if it involves special mom time. :)

Going back to an older post, where did you get, or did you make the birthday bunting and big tissue flowers at Esther's birthday? I've got my own princess party soon. Thanks!

The Planet Pink said...

I love kids that love sushi! My girls eat edamame like it's going out of style. What a great night out!

Tracy said...

Hi Kate -

The bunting I bought here..

..and the flowers I made - here are Martha's instructions..

Have a great party!!!

Amanda M. said...

OMG. Esther is SO COOL.

Kate said...

Thanks so much Tracy, you're a star!

Monika said...

Esther and Grace would get along just fabulous. Sushi is always her pick for a special dinner!!

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