Monday, March 29, 2010

One Year...

Living with these kids, I don't notice the subtle changes in them or how they grow. Usually it is told to me through a grandparent that hasn't seen them in awhile when they say "oh my - look at how much you have changed and grown!"

It will make me pause and really look at my daughter and realize that she grew and changed while we were just so busy living. I had no idea.

Sometimes, it takes a photograph to tell that story.

Eloise has changed so much this year. I had no idea how big of a deal 1st grade was. She is fighting for her independence - and WE fight like cats and dogs, she is expressing her mostly superior opinion about EVERYTHING, and is trying like hell to make every choice for herself - from bedtime to clothing. She is trying to navigate friendships and is already coming home in tears, with mean notes in her backpack. le sigh.

I had no idea how exhausting it is to grow up.

Sometimes, I am difficult and still try to pretend she is little - even when she reminds she is not. I will buy and hang another dress in her closet and she will cross her arms in front of her, give me the "look", sigh heavily and tell me there is no way she is wearing a "baby dress" ever again. Seven year olds DO NOT wear dresses. My word.

So I walk away again defeated - wondering where my little girl went - because she still looks so little to me.

So I took a picture of her this weekend.
..and found one from exactly a year ago.
And promptly apologized to her for not realizing how much she has grown.


Amanda M. said...

Amazing. I think I am going to go pull pics out from a year ago, too.
I was going thru a closet last night and pulling out too-small clothes and realizing my littlest wore these now too-small items just a few months ago. How is it that they grow so much right before our eyes, yet we don't even realize?
Eloise is just beautiful, by the way. Grown up or not. :)

Mathmom and family said...

That is quite a change! And will it make you sad to know that I have always thought she was closer to Maggie's age than Annie's? And Maggie will be 9 on Saturday!

Sahnya said...

What changes in beautiful Eloise! I have also been amazed at the changes first grade brings as they navigate further into their own worlds that don't alway include us! I am realizing the days are probably numbered that I can get away with calling Holden various corny pet names - Sugar, Honey Cat, and Buttercup.

BTY: I too cannot get him to wear a dress! :)

Rachelle said...

What a difference a year makes. She is so darn cute.

Jill R said...

My word, she has really grown up, hasn't she? Good for her expressing her independence! No fun now, but someday you'll appreciate it.

For some reason, my "baby" is stuck in the 4-year-old time warp for me...try as I do, it's impossible for me to think of her as any other age, so I know how hard it is to see them as they really are some times.

The Planet Pink said...

I keep looking at Princess #1 and staring in awe at what a difference 7 makes. No longer a baby...

Melanie said...

Lovely girl then, lovely young lady now! Your Eloise is beautiful! It sometimes really does take looking back to realize how much they have grown, why is that? She looks like she has such poise & character. And wait till those top permanent teeth come in all the way, I think that makes them look even more grown up! I think we look back a lot on birthdays, but how fun to just pick a random day & look a year back, or 2 years or 4 years...thanks for sharing your sweet girls!

Ann said...

Wow - what a difference! Definitely a big year for her!

Tracy said...

Oh Tracy how she has grown. She is just beautiful and albeit challenging at times, I imagine that as your girls age, you will want them to have the qualities of fierce independence and opinions of their own. You will want them to be able to stand up for what they believe in and be proud of who they are. You are also teaching them compassion, by saying sorry when sorry is due. Consider this all life training.

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