Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I need Music...

A new store opened down at the corner. I used piano store. It has a big yellow sign outside that says "Piano's!"

I so want to go in. I don't feel that I can though. I feel like I don't belong there. They will see it on my face when I walk in that I have no business being in a piano store.

I have wanted a piano for oh, about 36 years. I made my parents take me lessons as a kid, but without a piano at home to actually practice on, I never made it past Campton Races. And I quit lessons out of total frustration.

But over the years - whenever I enter a home with a piano, it is the first place I go. Just to touch it. Dream. Wish I could play.

Now why it never dawned on me as I became an adult that I could buy my own piano and I could take lessons again...I am not sure. But now I have an overwhelming and deep down need to own a piano. If only to dust and touch, I still must own a piano. Perhaps one of my girls will learn. Perhaps so will I.

There is something about a piano in the heart of a home. Something about the ability to make music as a family.

And I know that for us to have a piano in our small home, we may have to forgo a couch. But at this point I would rather have a piano and just sit on pillows on the floor.

Last week, this lovely couple came back to the Mayo Clinic for an encore performance of this impromptu concert they gave in 2008. I have a feeling they have always had music in their home. Happy, happy music.



Jess said...

That is the sweetest thing I've seen all week! I love how he tapped her rear as they switched places. <3

Kristi Pohl said...

Get one! Then I can come over and touch it. And one of the girls will want to play, I just know it.

Michelle said...

I have a piano for you. I'm not kidding. I was going to offer it up in my post tomorrow. But shipping it to MN? Yuck.

I'll call you. xoxo, m

Rachelle said...

I think you are my long lost twin. I always wished to take piano lessons as a child, but never did. Bought one so that my kids could take lessons. Worth the investment and given up room for it. Nothing compares to making supper and listening to your child play the piano. Do it!

Rachelle said...

P.S. The cute piano duet totally made my day! Thanks for sharing. :o)

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