Monday, March 15, 2010

One Lonely Louse...

Oh yes, the lice are back.

Fun times.

Crazy fricking fun times.

Here we are a month later and the coats/animals/bedding/childhood livelihood are still in bags - but yes we still got lice back. I did everything to contain this little f(^*(&^()(%%^s. The checks, the treatments, the nit pickings, the hair cuts, bagging up every household good, the hot laundry, no one has sat on furniture for a month, continual checks.

I am angry...and tired.

Eloise, again. Apparently from her classroom. The 1st grade lice epidemic from her school is evidently not over. I am beyond pissed and feel the need to go in and shave everyone of their 23 heads today - and the teachers and principals for that matter for not continuing the lice checks that I hear they haven't done for 3 weeks.

I still check my kids hair every few days - so I know it wasn't from us.

I wrote a very nasty letter to the school yesterday, using swear words in all. It was glorious, even if I am the only one to ever read it.

They also went on a field trip this week - to a planetarium. Perhaps those lounge chairs are lice magnets? Based on this, I will never, ever put my head on an airplane seat again. Why don't more business people have lice? Maybe they do, but don't have a school nurse to check them?

And yes, we have lice again - at the start of the Matilda Jane line, my busiest weekend. I haven't slept again for 2 days straight with the new mountain of laundry I have, beds to strip, heads to treat and orders to take.

So, I had a great idea to write a children's book about lice - turns out there are no less than 98 of them already available on Way too many parents have been affected evidently, so we have to write books to get our frustrations out.

We also won't be hugging as a family anytime soon - no head to head contact.

The only way I survived this weekend as the launch of the Liberty of London line at Target.

I am coveting the bike.

Nothing like getting to the check-out with Liberty loveliness along with a new lice treatment system and robi comb. It was a bit of a buzz kill.

I love my life.


Amanda M. said...

OMG. Tracy, I am SO sorry. Really. This is such a fear of mine. I am so, so sorry.
My hairdresser told me lice are less likely to attach to hair w/"product" in it. I put a dollop of mousse in Mariel's hair each morning. I have NO clue if this is actually for real preventing lice, but I will try anything. I just cannot tell you how sorry I am that this freaking evil little lice have invaded your life again.
Mariel has that same "outfit" Esther is wearing. And her little tummy peeks out the bottom just like Esther's. hehe.

Rachelle said...

UGH!! You poor dear. This is a nightmare. Stupid lice.

Katie W said...

Nooooooo!!!!! And I am so bummed I won't see you today :( What day can I bring you a coffee...I will drop it off on your porch.


kari said...

oh tracy, I am so so sorry my dear. What can I do for you? Honestly, call me while your folding laundry:)

Michelle said...


Home school. Seriously. Or just have her take a few months off and let the other kids have a chance to catch up.

p.s. I seriously covet Eloise's skinny little legs.

Kimberly said...

Oh dear, what a nightmare. My husband always jokes that I will want to homeschool. Posts like these definitely encourage that.

heather said...

Not sure if I mentioned it before, so I'll say it again. Our one time battling lice lasted MONTHS. We tried everything at the drug store and even the horribly toxic prescription Lindane. Nothing, NOTHING worked. I think the things are immune.

So I desperately tried this, and it worked. And thank goodness we've never had to do it again.

I'm sorry. It sucks. =(

Here's the link for Lice RX

Tracy said...

Holy friggin way. I can not even begin to imagine and like you said at the start of MJ. I'll help you save those heads!

Momma T said...

Did you save it so I can burn it on a match? Don't forget I'm way into that. Little BLEEPER.

Melanie said...

Oh Tracy, I am sooooo sorry for you guys. How wretched! I hope that you get every last one of those little buggers and that they NEVER come back!

Beautiful picture of your gorgeous gals though!

Jill R said...

You have GOT to be kidding me. I pray that the infester isn't in the same classroom as E next year. Seriously, I think I'd have to consider home schooling if they are grouped together again.

Sophia's BFF got head lice on their way to Hawaii the fall of '08 from an airline seat. Get this...they didn't treat the lice until they got home. ACCK. So, she contaminated the hotel room, Pearl Harbor, a NWA seat and many places in-between during their stay. I considered covering our seats with towels when we flew last October & January when I thought of Sydney and her vacation lice infestation. But then, I didn't want to appear as kooky as the trio of friends that flew with face masks to *prevent* getting H1N1 on the plane, so we flew bareback.

Sorry kid.

J-nell said...

Hey, sorry about the lousy louse. My SIL told me that it happened to them several times and she didn't want to use the toxic OTC stuff so they used mayo all over the girls head, wrap head in saran wrap, then tie a grocery bag on top and leave on a looonnngg time or sleep like this (her girls were older)to sufocate the louse and the eggs. She suggested washing their coats every day or telling the girls to stuff their coats in their book bag since most elementaries have a giant coat closet in the room. Sorry you have to deal with this!

Amiee said...

Went through the whole circus act with my girls several years ago. What a nightmare! Ever since then, I have religiously sprayed my girls' hair with hairspray whenever they leave the house, even just to play outside. If they are going to be around other childen, no matter who they are, their hair gets sprayed! People think I'm weird, but hey, so far so good. Give it a try!

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