Monday, March 1, 2010

Please Take My Cat...

You all know my love hate relationship with Donut the Cat. I love cats. I do. I am a cat person. Not a dog person. Dogs are fine, I just have no urge to own one and frankly they do nothing for me.

I am drawn to cats - they intrigue me, they are mysterious, they are graceful and beautiful and fiercely independent.

I was not allowed to have a cat growing up. I lived with dog people that I called my parents. I got my first cat in college and I have to say, I have loved my cats.

I have a very hard time loving Donut.

I don't know if he just that dumb and or just that smart, but daily I question his actions.

And I know he is having a really and I mean really hard time to adjusting to the baby. He is not pleased. At all. When she is napping, he either tries to quickly jump on her and lay on her head or chest or screams LOUDLY to wake her up. I try locking him away and he just screams LOUDER.

Lately, for fun, he starts screaming LOUDLY at 3am to wake her. So, even though it is 15 below zero, I know throw him out the door, into the snowbank until morning.

I think he has finally gotten my not so subtle hints of annoyance and is now trying to find a new home. He is getting locked in neighbors garages - I assume to steal their cars? Last week, he hopped on an open door to a school bus on our block. Yes, my cat jumped onto a school bus - full of kids. What cat is not afraid of a huge, loud, yellow school bus? My cat. My fabulous cat. The driver was thrilled and I had to retrieve him.

To top that antic - on Friday, my mailman parked his van in front our own home to drop-off a package. He left his door open and quickly got back to his van and sped away. He stopped - suddenly - 3 houses down..opened his door and threw Donut out of it. Stupid Donut didn't hide well enough.

I am hoping Donut has better success with his getaway this week.
xoxo, t


Rachelle said...

I am laughing out loud at Donut's escapades and you almost make me want a cat. However, I have two separate friends who own cats and both have troubles with their cats pawing things off the table/kitchen counter just to see/hear things fall. I get a big kick out of this, but that's because it's not my dishes/things crashing to the floor. Laughing, but still undecided on Bixby.

jill R said...

I love Donut, a visit to your place wouldn't be complete without the household mascot. Hoping is escape plan won't be successful.

♥ Bekki said...

I hate my dog.

But I love my kids so I keep the dog.

I wouldn't go as far as to say I'd actually look for him if he got loose but I might sit behind the computer and post a lost ad on Craigslist but never would I tromp around my neighborhood looking for him. Then again he's too stupid to get lost. I'd never get that lucky

Amanda M. said...

As soon as I opened my reader this morning and saw a Donut post, I was so excited. And I was not disappointed. My coffee almost came out of my nose after reading this. In fact, I am still laughing.

Kristi Pohl said...

What happened to Hope? Maybe once the ice ruts are gone she will be out on her bike again, looking for cats to rescue, and Donut will jump in to her basket. Although it sounds like he prefers vehicles. Remind me to shut my door really fast the next time I come over, I don't think Claude and Donut would get along...

Michelle said...

our cat is SO not that brave. I can't imagine her getting on the schoolbus, and the mailman? That was priceless?

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