Sunday, November 22, 2009

Confessions of a Minnesota Woman Who Stood in Line for 3.5 Hours...

So I stood in line yesterday for 3.5 hours to get a cookbook signed. That is what we told the curious onlookers at MOA yesterday. People would come by and be like "hey, who is coming, and what are all you beautiful women(okay, I made that up, they didn't say that - but did you see the beautiful women there???) doing in line?"

We said calmly "to get our cookbooks signed"..and then with typical Minnesota exuberance, we put our hands sheepishly over our months as we screamed "AND TO MEET REE DRUMMOND THE PIONEER WOMAN!!!!!" And then we made loud, obnoxious giggling sounds.

Okay, I did that, but I know there must have been others.

I have to say that in my almost 41 years on this earth, I have never stood in line for 3.5 hours for anything.

Not even for the Wii when it came out 3 years ago. Or for the EGGO waffle shortage currently happening. My kids have to settle for toast and board games.

Kristi, Astrid and I arrived at 10am and were 30th in line. Ree came out promptly at 1pm and we were sitting with Ree by 1:40.

I went up to the 3rd floor to snap a shot of the growing crowd.

Kristi yelled out "hey there is REE" and pointed to me and the ladies turned around and started screaming.

Mean Kristi.

It was a delightful 3.5 hours. We chatted with our line neighbors, I excused myself to Nordstrom's well appointed lounge twice to nurse. We drank coffee. Astrid napped. We waited. We sweated(well I did) with anticipation of the meeting, the enormous crowd, and the warm baby attached to my body.

Do you see the sweat?

Astrid hung out on the dirty floor, because yes I am that good of a mom. I love germs and dirty floors, and so do my kids.

Ree is lovely. Just lovely and warm. Soft spoken, warm smile, beautiful and well, just lovely. She patiently signed my many books that I purchased for the girls teachers this year and she even signed my red Lucchese boots.

I asked her if she could sign my "boots" and I was so nervous that I think I might have said "boobs" - I hope not as that would have been very embarrassing.

I slept with them last night and dreamed of the country.

I need counseling.

I also found that when I am THAT nervous, I say NOTHING. I just sat and nodded my head with a cheesy smile on my face. It was bad, really bad. Good thing that Kristi receives the gift of gab when she is nervous, because she eloquently had a conversation with Ree while I just sat there holding my cute baby.

Cheesy smile - exhibit A.

..and we got to meet Marlboro Man and the boy punks too. Can I just say her boys are beautiful. The best part - SHE DRESSES THEM ALIKE. I got the vapors a bit when I saw that. Now that is a woman after my own heart.

Thanks so much for coming to the North Country, Ree. Safe travels. See you next time.



Anonymous said...

Excellant photos!!
And you are NOT wierd in any way. I would make a silly fool out of my self if I were in your LOVELY boots!
And your kids are just ADORABLE!!
Theresa in ALberta

Kristi Pohl said...

So fun to spend the day with you, and fan you during your hour of need. Still waiting for Mike to download our pics, and he VIDEOTAPED us on stage!

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

Stopping by from Ree's facebook page! I was there also and had a great time. And like you--I feel like I just sat there nodding and trying to come up with something to say!

Tracy said...

JEALOUS - of the time on stage, not so much of the wait. You rock. Your photolog of the experience is great, cheesy grin and all.mone

LoveFeast Table said...

What a great post!! You really captured the moment-s :) Your photographs are great!! I'm dying to know what kind of camera you have!! Turns out when I'm nervous to meet someone, I start talking and never know what comes out...I don't even know what I said!! :) PW was so sweet and nice it didn't really matter!! Such a fun time! And, I have never waiting for anything, ever. Also, your boots rock. -Chris Ann

Lisa said...

Great photos...thanks for posting. I too stood in line & once I got my chance to meet Ree found myself a little bit "star struck", and at a loss for words. I love your red boots! I wish I would have chosen to wear my more comfortable cowboy boots vs the 3" heeled fashion boots I wore.

Ann said...

Glad it lived up to your expectations! How fun! Love that she signed your boots (although I'm a little disappointed you didn't ask her to sign the boobs too!)

Angel said...

I wasn't far behind you in line and was admiring your Matilda Jane outfits. That was pure genius to have her sign your boots!

Rachelle said...

Love it~ thanks for sharing, feels like I was there w/out waiting. The boots are perfect. I want a pair! I especially like the photo of you and Kristi! Very pretty ladies.

Melanie said...

wouldn't it be amazing if she commented on this. oh my you are a lucky girl. so jealous!!!

Andrea said...

OMG. So. Jealous. Can't. Even. Type!!!!!!!!!!

Jill R said...

Where are your lawn chairs? You are not a true line sitter until you bring your own bag chair...just ask me, the lady that stands in line from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. each year to buy tickets to my girls dance recitals :-D

Marlboro man, oh hot hot. Glad you got to go and meet the Pioneer family.

Amanda M. said...

I LOVE the pics. It looks like the COOLEST, MOST AWESOMELY FUN DAY!

heather said...

yay! yay! yay! i'm so thrilled that you got to meet ree and marlboro man too!!! i adore the handsome punks as well!

and how totally cool that she signed your boots! i bet she's gotta write about meeting *you*- she has too-you are sellabit mum! i'd totally want you to sign my boots LOL!

glad you had a great time!!!

Wendy said...

Be still my heart. Pioneer Woman dresses her boys alike?? I think I love her even more, if that is possible. So great that you got to see her and all the other fun ladies who waited in line. Sounds like a perfect day to me.

Anonymous said...

Tracy, I just found your blog through a link on Kristi's blog, which I discovered when she posted on PW's Facebook page! We definitely need to get together to discuss! Megan (Tiern's friend)

PS - I just discovered this morning that the lead teacher in my son's daycare room reads Smitten Kitchen and PW. Didn't think I could love her any more, but I do now!

pinkebody said...

I think it was well worth the wait to meet Ree.

And, just so you know, I am extremely jealous ;-)

Daisy said...

OH I'm so jealous only 3.5 hours???? I was in line for 5.5 :-(

Jennifer said...


Stumbled on your site from PW's. Very jealous to hear you got to see her & get your book signed.

Somehow I just don't think she's going to make it to Camp Humphreys in South matter how long I volunteer to stand in line.

Great blog!

Much love from an overseas Army wife,

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