Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday Macarena...

Esther came home dancing the Macarena.

I guess that is what they learn in preschool these days.

Score! I love that place.

She was shocked that I jumped in and started doing it with her.

"Mom - you know it too"

"Yes, I learned it a long time ago."

"When you were a little girl?"

"No, I was in my late 20's I guess."

"You mean back in the Pioneer Days, Mom?"

"Yes sweetie, I danced the Macarena in my bonnet while plowing the fields with my oxen."

xoxo, t


Rachelle said...

Whoa. Too cute. They learn the Macarena in preschool now? No fair. What a coincidence... I just danced the macarena this past Saturday at a wedding dance and loved every minute of it. That, and the Cuban Shuffle (love that one, if you are unfamiliar... learn it NOW). :o) Esther is a doll.

Rachelle said...

Okay, I just looked it up on YouTube and see that it is called the Cupid Shuffle. Yes, I shall go and get "loser" tatooted on my forhead. Whoops!

Tracy said...

OMG Rachelle - lmbo...

Melanie said...

hahaha. you said bonnet!

Ginny said...

I'd love to see both of you doing it together. You know the saying "like Mother, like daughter"

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