Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Dad...

Turns 65 today. Gosh, I don't think he minds me saying he is so not old.

"Papa" comes over almost every Saturday morning...just for a few hours.

It is his special time with his girls.

He is an amazing Papa. He has always been one to catch-up and hold the babies, to change diapers, to get them to smile and to snuggle them on his lap.

He is a Papa you find laying on the hardwood floor with them playing games and coloring as they get older.

He is a Papa you find running around the backyard playing tag and taking walks and taking them fishing.

He is a Papa probably wondering if he will find a golf partner in Eloise, as his other partners, me and my brother, retired when we had kids.

My Dad is an introvert, and likes a quiet me..and my brother. He, like myself, gets a bit crazy and impatient when the volume gets high. He has a quick temper, also like myself...and my brother.

My Dad has a quick kiss and an I love you for me every week. My Dad never has any opinions for me. He doesn't judge, he doesn't gossip and he doesn't give advice unless asked for it. He doesn't talk much about himself. His visits are always about us girls...not him.

Treat yourself, Dad.

Happy Birthday, Dad/Papa - we love you.


ginny said...

Please wish him a Happy Birthday from Jack and I. Great pictures.

Andrea said...

That is so sweet -you made me tear up! Happy birthday to your sweet Papa, everyone should be so lucky to have a Papa like that!

heather said...

happy brithday to papa!

papa's sure do turn to mush when they have grand-daughter's don't they?


Rachelle said...

65 is the new 45. He is a very handsome Papa. I can see his eyes in the girls' eyes. Lucky you that he visits every Saturday. Revel in it. It is fleeting...

Melanie said...

What a sweet post honoring your dad who sounds like an awesome Papa! I'm sure reading it had to be a wonderful present for him.

Jill R said...

My children have two grandfathers. One wishes he could be like your girl's Papa but cannot get off start...the other likes to give money in lue of a personal relationship. How RICH your father makes your girls...they (including your Dad) are all incredibily wealthy in the most important way (and Tracy speaks the truth about her Dad...I've seen him in action and he's just as wonderful as she makes him out to be). HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Papa.

Jk3 said...

YOur girls are lucky to have him and you are too.

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