Monday, November 9, 2009

Things to do...

I haven't owned a calendar in 4 years.

When I worked(outside the home) - I had a calendar. An official Franklin Covey planner with meticulous notes, dates, appointments and to do lists.

I burned it the day I walked out of the office for the last time.

I have managed for 4 years without a calendar or a written to do list.

I can no longer manage.

I bought a calendar this Summer - but for the life of me cannot find the damn thing half the time.

I need a list that tells me where it is...and a beeper on it.

..and don't get all techie on me and tell me to put my calendar on my i-phone or computer or I would lose those too..and I like those.

Without my calendar I can still remember birthdays and anniversaries, but cannot remember what I am suppose to do tomorrow or what I did yesterday.

By gaining years and multiplying children, I no longer remember what I am doing, where I am going or why my socks don't match, or did I wipe?

I find myself standing in my living room, a baby in one hand, laundry on my head, phone on my shoulder and homework in my other hand - staring at the wall wondering where I was headed next.

I am turning into a man - but with multitasking abilities.

So I wrote down my to-do list today, to accomplish by 3pm, on my left arm so I won't lose it.
-walk for one hour to burn off at least 2 of the 12 fun sized snickers consumed over the weekend
-get chili in the crock pot
-eBay shipping
-sell at least $2000 of Matilda Jane to pay off Stella McCartney Gap purchases last week
-cruise clothing chat boards
-feed my kids at least twice
-do fun art project with Esther after school to release built up mommy guilt, and then place her in front of PBS
-nurse, change, smile, nap, repeat
-match-up socks
-scrub disgusting toilets
-scoop cat poop
-curse loudly before, during and after scooping cat poop and then act like I am going to kick the cat and threaten him at least 4 times

So far I am doing pretty well.

How do you stay organized?
xoxo, t


Monika said...

I discovered your blog a little while ago and just wanted to tell you that I truly enjoy your sense of humor =).

I also bought a handy little pocket calendar last January (probably during a deep clearance sale, I'm cheap like that). It was lost before I could write anything in it... I know it's in my house somewhere. Most likely it will show itself in 2010.

Melanie said...

I'd say that does sound like quite a productive day thus far, I am impressed! I've always kept a calendar, just used it to varying degrees...I used to have the big Franklin Covey one, too & I was quite glad to let it go when I quit working. For several years I would keep a calendar only to find myself going back to enter activities after I'd done them!
Now, however, with 4 kids in 2 schools & 3 different class schedules...well, I have my date book practically attached to my hip on an elastic string...I enter events as soon as the folders come home from school...I have a place I keep it in the kitchen & it pretty much travels where I go...from kitchen to car & back all the time...
You will figure out a system that works for you.
BTW, I too have those moments where I walk with great purpose (and full hands) into a room only to realize I have no idea why I'm there...KIDS!

pinkebody said...

I lost my calendar ages ago & gave up looking for it. I tend to write notes & leave them by my computer, only to have DH write something on the back & take it with him.

I may just try writing it on myself next time, tho it would probably just end up running down my arm due to baby drool ;-)

Please tell me where you got Esther's outfit! I adore the top & boots especially :-)

♥ Bekki said...

Your Stella is KILLING me. I don't have a calendar either for the record. I do have a fantastic set of post it notes all over my house though.

Wendy said...

I am a big fan of the to-do list, and writing on your arm? Oh yeah, best place for it, you'll never lose it! My favorite gift of late was a notepad from hubby that says, "Already Done List" at the top. I just write it all down AFTER I do it. Doesn't help me get things done but it gives me great satisfaction.

Tracy said...

Hi Monika - Thank you for finding me...and glad I am not the only one to loose

April - the dot top is Matilda Jane and the necklace tee/skirt/tights are Stella McCartney for Gap. Her designs were just released on the 2nd. Boots are UGGS.

Jill R said...

I have a 3-ring binder with a spiral-bound academic calendar in it...I am pretty good about writing things down, not so good at looking at it to remember what it is I am suppose to be doing.

Daily, I am a list maker....on a good day, I get 1/2 of my list checked off. It's a bit depressing to see actually how much I need to get done in a day and how little I accomplish.

Tracy said...

I recognized me some Stella M in those pics. The colors and sytles rock. As for a calender - what could be better than something where you upload pics of your kids in Stella or MJ for that one-of-a-kind do da.

The Planet Pink said...

Uh, yeah. I bought myself a MomAgenda last year around this time. Grand plans of being all organized and supermom. It lasted all of 2 months. It's sitting somewhere in this abyss I call my home collecting dust. Planners are no good if you can't find them. And barely good if you can. As if I have the time to do everything I'd write anyway...

Rachelle said...

The pictures of your girls in this post... you're knockin' me out. What? Lists, calendars, huh? Sorry, so distracted by these AMAZING photos. You really might want to consider photography as a side career. You are GOOD. My word.

ginny said...

I receive this amazing calendar every year with pictures of my granddaughters on it! Every month I get to look at a new picture of what they were doing a year ago. I write down things I think I'm going to remember - doesn't always work. At the end of the year I use the calendar to write my Christmas letter, then put the calendar away to save. To me it's a darling photo album. As far as a to do list to tell me when to scoop poop - not going to happen! Seems you are doing pretty good without it.

Kristi Pohl said...

I see a new product idea developing here-clothing you can write your list on and then wash it away for the next day! And if Stella designed it, it would be totally hip. Remember, it was MY idea, so I get all of the royalties...

Amanda M. said...

Compulsive list-making. But still I forget the lists sometimes. I like the arm idea, or what Kristi said. I'd be fine with wearing my to-do list. Then maybe I wouldn't forget it.

Michelle said...

I'm not organized. Don't be fooled. But now for the important stuff-- where is Esther's top and skirt from? I NEED them. I must know.

Tracy said...

Michelle- It is Stella McCartney from Gap - I figured you already bought the whole line for Miss Mary...right??? Don't disappoint

Tina said...

I am NOT organized yet I long to be. I DO have a calendar & write on it the days I babysit, snack days, color days, & days tuition & ballet payments are due. I look at it once in awhile. LOL To do lists...I like to write them but not good at following through. My news years resolution is to get orgnanized. It will take me all year. (&then some!)

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