Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday = nothing done.

Nothing was checked off of my imaginary to do list today.

No laundry. No dishes. No shopping the sales that keeping coming into my inbox. No dinner. No games with my kids. No reading to my kids. No time to be on chat boards or Facebook. No time to change out of my exercise gear that I put on thinking I would work out this morning...oh hahahahehehe. No time to blog. No time to enter Matilda Jane orders.

The mail sits unopened. The paper sits unread. The cat sits unfed. The laundry sits unfolded.

I sit here now with a large glass of wine in my tattered jammies looking for something mindless on the computer.

Astrid kicked my ass today.

She is sneaky like that.

She spends 15 minutes napping, 5 minutes eating and 45 minutes screaming. ..and repeats...ALL.DAY.LONG. ..and much of the night. And that doesn't even equal an hour, but that is just how tired and frustrated I am.

Sure, she must be teething, hungry, gassy, hates me, having a bad hair day, moons and stars are out of alignment.

I don't want your advice, I don't even want you to come hold her for me because she hates you too and she will just cry harder. I just want some empathy and more wine..or coffee....or chocolate...or all 3. or 4 or whatever that adds up to.

Can't wait for tomorrow. Woohoo.


Rachelle said...

Oh.My.Gosh. "I don't want your advice" just got me cackling like you wouldn't believe. And frankly, I don't want their advice either. :o) I'm still chuckling over you. Also, "she hates you too". This is too much, you're sending me over the edge of comedy. Still gaffawing. Okay, your non-emotional "can't wait for tomorrow. Woohoo." was all I could take. I'm rolling in the aisles on Bixby. Please people, give her wine and chocolate and empathy. No advice please. It would be too much. To send you my own sucks. It is hard. But, by golly, aren't those kids cute? That's all they've got goin' for them at this point.

Melanie said...

bring on the booze--my little freaks kicked my ass today too. while their brand of ass-kick is different than astrid's, at bedtime, i was literally PRAYING they'd shut the hell up and go the hell to sleep.

Amanda M. said...

I had some days like that with my youngest. Oh, I forgot. I still do. All my sympathies to you and I hope you are treated to the very best wine.

Ann said...

Those days are SO hard! Sending a little sympathy and hugs but no advice!

Sahnya said...

Ah, your day makes me think of one of my most frequent fantasies when I was immersed in babyland..... I'd imagine having one of those darts guns you see launched at unruly bears on the nature channel making the bear (or my boys) immediately fall to the ground for a deep and peaceful slumber.

Tracy said...

Thanks Ladies...and for keeping it real.

OMG Sahnya, you made me spit out my coffee. bad girl. I am now picturing your sweet H. getting sedated like a bear in his living room. lol

Great idea by the way. You could market that.

Michelle said...

"I don't even want you to come hold her for me because she hates you too and she will just cry harder."


I once heard that Thursday is the least productive day of the week. Embrace it.

xoox, m

Kristi Pohl said...

As Scarlett said, "After all, tomorrow is another day..." and at least you won't have to make a dress out of your curtains to receive gentlemen callers.

Tina said...

Her cuteness is a defense mechanism. or else you WOULD shoot her with the tranquilzer gun. :0)

heather said...

if it makes you feel better my nothing done list resembles yours and i have no wee babies to blame it on. i just suck. astrid looks so sweet and innocent in that picture hard to imagine that she would ever have a bad day.

The Planet Pink said...

Oh girl. Been there. Done that. I hope today is better than yesterday!

colored pencilgrandma said...

Thank you for the beautiful pictures. If you get nothing else done all day, taking and sending pictures to the family is a treasured accomplishment and sooooo appreciated. You should do professional photography.You are good! Blessings to you, Jed and our beautiful girls.
"The sun will come out tomorrow"

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