Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Great Expectations...

I think I forgot to tell you all that Eloise moved schools for first grade? Did I mention it?

We were very scared to send our shy, quiet and easy to frighten 5 year old into the big-big world for kindergarten, so we chose a small parochial school for her. It was just what she needed to gain a year of confidence and love under her belt. Sister Sara was the perfect teacher and Eloise had the perfect year.

We left our small, safe, Catholic school this year and entered the big, scary, big city public school system. We made this change for several reasons - money, we aren't Catholic, and we felt that Eloise could benefit from a more challenging and diverse environment. (i.e. not hanging out with just a bunch of white kids, and to be at a school with some amazing educational resources).

Eloise tested into the city's Gifted and Talented Magnet school. Because she is perfect, brilliant and our daughter. amen.

After crying for the first two weeks of school - me, not her...we have now settled into an amazing rhythm and school is good. Eloise is happy, having fun, learning amazing things and is challenged daily. She is taking theatre classes, violin, art, social studies, and science...besides the 3 "R's". First grade is amazing and on steroids.

We had our first conference last week though, and I have to say I am amazed by what we expect of our first graders. I still have my 1st grade report card where I received all "E's". Eloise's report came home with many E's but many P's too.(excelling vs. proficient.) I was horrified by this less than perfect report about my baby.

Yes, I am turning into one of those parents.

Turns out at this school you can only earn an E if you are working at least 2 grade levels ahead on that subject. Really?

So here is my baby working on 2nd grade math and only earning a P.

But she is also my 6 year old baby reading at a 5-6th grade level and earning an E. I love her.

At the end of the conference, her teacher gave us the mandatory sentence on "what she needs to work on."

For Eloise - really, this is what her teacher said..."Eloise needs to work on her presentation skills." Yes, really. In first grade. I remember working on that in 7th grade. Now you have to give eloquent presentations in 1st grade.

At this rate, I am assuming she will be going to college when she is 12.


Rachelle said...

Our 10th grader is feeling the pressure of needing to decide on a career path right now. I think our society puts too much pressure on kids too early and I think it's unhealthy for them. Let them be kids. This gets my dander up. Poor little Eloise. Love the pics of her reading!

heather said...

i'm glad eloise is doing well in her new school. and am just as shocked at what is expected of our little girls in elementary school. hang in there!

Michelle said...

those photos-- reading Little Town on the Prairie-- frame them. Those are priceless.

We went to gifted schools for several years. We've since moved to a really fantastic 'regular' school and love it.

Amanda M. said...

That is wonderful to hear she's doing so well at the new school! I do remember you telling she'd be at a new school this year.
Little Town on the Prairie....oh, that was one of my fave books!

Angie said...

I'm with ya in thinking it might be a little much but good for her that she is doing so well!!

Janell said...

I'm glad I checked in today b/c I don't know about you but AP English with Mrs. Carmony was one of the most de-motivating experiences of my educational career. =)
Probably didn't have anything to do with her, might have had something to do with the student...no, I think it was her.

Tracy said...

J. - I still have nightmares about Mrs. Carmony. She was THE worst teacher EVER EVER EVER!!! I loved English class until HER. I hope to goodness she is no longer allowed to teach.

Stacey said...

I don't even remember English class in any way shape or form... BUT I do remember Mrs. Carmony... what a miserable soul... As adults we would probably find that she was enduring some hideous life issues at the time... but as youth... what a shame to have our candles snuffed.

And frankly... there is A LOT I do not remember... hhhhmmmmm?????

Stacey said...


I am loving that Miss Eloise has turned into quite the denim fashionista... I am sorry if it makes her momma crazy... but she does look great!

This from your 95% denim friend... :)

ginny said...

She looks SO OLD!!! And SO SERIOUS. Love the jeans and the pictures. She is going to be just like her mommy and "re-read" books!

BrianT said...

The only thing I remember about Mrs. Carmony's AP English were the books you had to read. First the number of books (which thank god for cliff notes at the time) and then the class books....to this day Madame Bovary and the "alleged' symbolism haunts my memories of high school.

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