Saturday, November 28, 2009

On our Day of Thanksgiving...

Families are like fudge - mostly sweet with a few nuts. ~Author Unknown

I had this great plan that I would take pictures all day of our lovely, and quiet Thanksgiving.

....but life took over and my camera sat collecting dust on the hutch.

I had a very cranky baby, a very sick big girl, I was cooking the meal(which I love doing), and thus a very bored 4 year old. I would like to announce that our TV was on for 13 hours straight and I was okay letting that go.

But we did a little baking to keep Esther occupied.

My hands were full. That is also why we did not have homemade whipped cream.
But my heart was full too.

I did catch a few kisses.

..and a break from laying on the couch for a project with Papa.

It was a perfect day even without all of the pictures, and it is fully captured in pictures in my heart.

xoxo, t

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Wendy said...

Awww, I can totally relate. I never get the photos I want on our very busy days. But the memories are in my head, I only need a few good shots to trigger them. Those pastries look delish - pumpkin inside of cookies? Little tiny pumpkin pies? Whatever they are, yummmm.

Rachelle said...

Very beautiful table setting... sounds like a lovely day (aside from the cranky baby and sick big girl part). But, that's life. As least you weren't looking for poison like that poor Bekki girl.

Melanie said...

Wow, I agree with the previous poster, what a gorgeous table decorations! And the window box is fabulous, too!
So sorry that Eloise was under the weather, hope that she's on the mend!
Glad you had a nice, quiet Thanksgiving! I sometimes think those are the best kind. Not all memories have to be (or can be) recorded, some are best kept in the heart!

Michelle said...

ooh, I love your table and your little tarts. I too dreamt of lots of photos but the work was calling.

Let's throw a party together sometime.

Anonymous said...

I never seem to capture the photos either. And am never in the ones I do.
Your petite pumpkin pies are adorable! Who needs whipped cream when they are that cute, really!
I made a Deistel free range turkey and was a bit nervous about it. First because my step brother John usually handles it, so I'm rusty as far as that goes. Secondly my mom's oven was acting a little strange.
So I put in in at 500 degrees on roast convection and then turned it down to 375. Well in about an hour it looked done... and company wasn't expected for 3 more hours! Turned it down once more and changed the setting to bake on 325...It was juicy, moist and delicious. Once we had a glass of champagne and of course each other it was really quite funny! Hope the beautiful girls including you are all feeling terrific now! xoxo

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