Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Crawling Sequence...Hurdles...

A picture I submitted to The Women's Colony was published here. The theme was hurdles - which Astrid and I are trying to overcome every day.
The past 2 weeks, besides just being a usual bitch, Astrid is trying to hard to crawl..and is doubly angry because of it. Since her sisters didn't try to crawl until they were, oh..like 2, I had no idea what a frustrating process this was.
So I got down on the floor and watched her, did not encourage her(as baby proofing seems like a HUGE hurdle to me right now) and laughed at her frustration, trials, errors and just giving up to suck on a block.
Another hurdle I am attempting to leap over is my fear of photo post processing. The process seems daunting and learning curve long, and I am not sure that I have from 2am-4am to dedicate to that process - which are currently the only hours I am sleeping.
So, I shoot and download and crop and publish and most times cringe at my photos. Jed bought me PSE for my birthday LAST YEAR and it has sat and collected dust.

Last week, I finally installed it - encouraged by Ann and by the fact that the Pioneer Woman had her actions available to finally work on elements(one step processing I will take the time to try...)
So, I did it - and yes spend some sleeping time playing with PSE - but these photos show me that my time is well spent.
What hurdles are you jumping over these days? Big or small? Let's stop sucking on blocks and celebrate each other.


The Marketing Mama said...

Good morning! It's so weird to hear you complain about your photos/processing, since every time I've been here I have been in love with your photos! You are very talented - and obviously have gorgeous subjects to focus on. Every post looks like a professional photo shoot!

Love how you used these crawling pics to demonstrate a hurdle. I was totally at a metaphorical loss when I heard that challenge, and promptly passed. My brain can't make that leap right now. ;)

Amanda M. said...

I am continually amazed at how little sleep you can run on. I mean, even if you are just a little bit kidding about only sleeping from 2-4, still....
Though I guess if I think back to when Mariel was that age, I am thinking that may have been the only sleep I got, too. I wonder what it must be like to have one of those babies that sleep big, huge long stretches at a time?
Love the pics. As usual.

Jill R said...

My current hurdle? This blasted house. It makes my head hurt, three steps forward, two back. Sigh.

I still say that when Astrid gets mobile, she'll be a new girl, I think she's almost there.

Mathmom and family said...

Astrid makes me feel like I can move mountains.

My current hurdle is making my own Waldorf doll. You've seen the progress on my blog. It isn't perfect, but I'm trying, and it is fun!

Melanie said...

Your photos are always gorgeous, seriously, you got skilz! Astrid's frustrated face is just TOO cute!
I would say the current hurdle here is continuing to get settled in our new house...I like everything to have a place & we still don't have shelves, hooks & towel bars everywhere that we need them...oh, and parking in our garage would be nice...but we are comfortable, so I cannot really complain. I am trying to balance being okay with the way things are with not being so okay that things never get finished...

Mrs. G. said...

Thanks for sharing your photo and I insist you send me Astrid right now.

Kristi Pohl said...

Most of my hurdles are ones I create in my head-if I could figure out how to manage them I too could quit sucking on blocks.

And hey, sounds like you have found a new home for Astrid! Do you think she would take Donut too?

Ann said...

Love Astrid's hurdle pic!!! And good for you for trying out PSE! (and I'll just go ahead and apologize in advance for the lost sleep and frustrations you'll face trying to get your pictures just right!!) :)

Rachelle said...

The 2nd pic down... she reminds me of the blog The Many Faces of Esther. I have a good memory. ;o) Soooo cute!

Wendy said...

Oooh, I am right there with you on the photo processing!! I have so many other hurdles that I am working through - there is no way I can even think about Photoshop. It remains a dream ... sigh. I did, however, learn that SOOC means Straight out of Camera and I will be using that to make me feel better about my non-edited photos. :)

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