Friday, April 2, 2010

Little Bunny Foo Foo..

I mean "Fu Fu" ...
Photobucket it's "Fou Fou!"
..oh hell, since she is all fancy like I suppose "Frou Frou" would also be appropriate.
You just try to google that childrens poem and see how many ways from Sunday they want you to spell it. And then we wonder why our children are being left behind in our schools these days.
Oh, Happy Easter too!
P.P.S Cute onesie bought here.


♥ Bekki said...

Are those ears glued on her head because Astrid doesn't seem the type to just leave them alone.

Amanda M. said...

JUST discovered Vintage Lucy's recently. I want one of everything, of course.
Astrid looks FABULOUS!

Jill R said...

Ah ha! I wondered where that tee came from. It's stanking cute I tell you. Happy Easter...I saw the baby farm animals zoo commercial on t.v. the other day and thought of you, hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

Rachelle said...

Your little bunny Frou Frou is adorable. I love how she's finding things to eat outside. WAY too cute. Happy Easter!

Kristi Pohl said...

Too cute, as always-thanks for the delish cupcakes! When did you and the girls have time to do THAT? I will be thinking of you at the zoo tomorrow, the weather sounds like it will cooperate. What will the girls be wearing? Hoping for a blog update on Monday...

Melanie said...

That onesie totally rocks! Adorable!! But not nearly as cute as the precious one wearing it! Happy Easter!

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