Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shop Therapy...

When did I become the invisible woman?

When did I become less fabulous just because I have dried puke on my Matilda Jane tee'd shoulder, fingerprints on my designer jeans and goldfish crumbs covering the bottom of my Louis?

Is it because I don't bother to put on make-up, perhaps my hair isn't styled, my nails are chipped and my wrinkles are prevalent?

Is it the desperate look on my face for trying to have 5 minutes to myself?

Is it because I look lost in your store, not having shopped in awhile?

All I know is that my excitement to have 15 minutes to shop today turned sour quickly as I became the invisible woman.

In this economy, with small shops being hit hard, I try to mainly shop small and shop local. I am lucky to have many fabulous shops within blocks of my house in our trendy Grand Avenue area.

I dropped Esther at a play date, Eloise at ballet, the baby was sleeping and I had a $300 gift certificate from Christmas that I finally found a moment to spend.

I walked in the quaint, trendy boutique to silence. I was the only person in the 20x30 shop and the sales associate never looked up from her i-phone. After a few moments of browsing and feeling awkward to be in the small shop so unannounced - I said "hi - how are you today" - she looked up briefly and grunted.

I found a few dresses to try, let myself into the dressing room and came out once to see what she thought of the fit of my favorite. She looked up briefly and said "it looks fine."

Moments later I hear another customer walk-in and she is greeted with a friendly "hello, is there anything I can help you find?"

I exit the room to find a stylish and gorgeous young woman.

If it were my money, I would've walked out empty handed - but I found a dress, some shoes and a fabulous new bag - all by myself and felt almost embarrassed to check-out as she didn't even talk to me as she took my card.

I walked out nearly in tears with my large bag feeling like I never existed and hoping I could still enjoy my purchases Nevermind that these small boutiques need the business, how could someone be treated so poorly.

I wanted to use social media for evil and pull a brilliant dooce and twitter and facebook most negative comments about the boutique.

But I didn't. I decided that I still liked my purchases, even without her approval or even acknowledgement. Do I really need to be the cool girl anymore, or have the most followers, commentors, or friends, or be fawned upon when shopping.

Maybe now in my 40's, I am becoming invisible to the next generation. But I don't care. I see me and those arrogant "sales clerks" can bite me.

Have you felt invisible lately?



Melanie said...

Screw that bitch, Tracy! You run marathons and you're the hottest 40-something mom of 3 i've ever seen.

Amanda M. said...

WTH? What a snot. Too bad you had a GC...it would have been cool to pull one of those Pretty Woman stunts after you've spent gobs of money at OTHER stores. ;)
It doesn't matter anyway 'cause you're a total hottie. The snotty clerk was probably jealous.

Rachelle said...

That is ridiculous. I'm sure it wasn't you, as you are ever so hot, it must have been a girl too involved with her cell phone. You can't find good help these days. Hmph. We will teach our daughters to be more Minnesota Nice. How rude!

Tifani says... said...

I am so, so sorry. Even if you don't plaster the story all over Facebook, you should call the store owner. These are hard times, and the owner needs to know your story.

AFC said...

Back in the day I used to be a person the sales associates hopped all over..now I am not only invisible..but I swear I can hear them praying I will leave their store before I transfer some of my baby spit up or smooshed goldfish on their goods. It's a shame that people are rude like that..I am sure you looked amazing in your new clothes!

jill R said...

Obviously, she's just the shop's cheap hired shopgirl. What does she know? Nothing. She's got a lot to learn in life yet, excuse her ignorance. Give me the shop's name, I would love to share your experience with the owner and see what they think. Seriously, you have my email addy. They cannot afford poor help like that.

Kristi Pohl said...

As a business owner, I would absolutely want to know your thoughts. Either this person was poorly trained, or received no training at all on how to treat EVERY customer, or perhaps just didn't feel like putting in the effort that day. No matter, the owner needs to know. And it is SO MUCH better to be direct and up front, rather than putting a bunch of negative stuff out there that the owner would have a hard time answering to. But to you, individually, she can hopefully do the right thing. I am always grateful when someone lets us know they had an experience that didn't meet their expectation, as we then address the situation with the employee, and then make sure that the customer receives something, including an apology, for their trouble. Do not just let this be a blog rant-if you speak up then someone else won't have to feel invisible.

Sorry to ramble, this one struck a chord with me!

Jess said...

My blood is boiling just reading this, Tracy! That's just dreadful. Please look online and see if the store has a published email/website. I'd love to forward the owner a copy of your post. It's so real and honest and puts the story out there complete with invisible feelings. I think they should know.

If you don't want to do it, email me the shop name and I'll look for it and do it. The owner needs to know...iphones at work are not good sales techniques.

Jen said...

Awwwwwwwwwww, Tracy, it's amazing how much we think alike! I feel this way at the mall, too, mainly at stores like American Eagle. I think the worst was last time--the teenage girl asked me, as I entered the store, "Who are you shopping for today?" as if I couldn't *possibly* be shopping for myself! Ugh!
I do want to say, though, that I think it's *awesome* that you are mainly patronizing smaller/independent shops during the current economic "situation". Don't let twits like this chick keep you from doing that either........I am sure you look young, beautiful, and absolutely stylish in the new outfit that you bought today (and, I'm sure you look great all of the time, too :)

Michelle said...

how beautiful are women in MN that you are not considered gorgeous? I'm confused.

Melanie said...

I'm so sorry Tracy, that is truly awful! I have felt invisible many times also & it stinks!! I agree that the shop owner would probably like to be aware of the terrible service you received.
Oh, I have never seen the dooce blog before & that post was hilarious! I think you have every right to share your experiences with friends through word of mouth, facebook, blogs or however you choose. You rave about the products that you love, so why not share about the ones that don't live up...

Tracy said...

Okay - so I have one guess on what store you were in based on your purchases... and if it be the one - the irony is I have a friend who got kicked out of that store, as a customer for... yes...talking on her phone.

ENJOY your purchases. I want to see the new bag.

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