Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Wonder Wednesday...

I have spent my day wondering things....

Like I wonder how many starving children I could feed when I look at the amount of food that ends up on my floor instead of Astrid's mouth.

I wonder how we live and accept so much excess.

I wonder when Eloise and I won't fight in the mornings. Tomorrow? Please.

I wonder if I will ever sleep more than 2 hours at a time again.

I wonder how much botox will cost to fill in the number 11 on my forehead.

Or why when I spell forehead, I usually forget the e.

I wonder why there are 2 ways to spell capital. Or is it capitol? See, I wonder why I cannot get that.

I wonder if in 1987, my parents thought that their tolerance to alcohol was like totally awesome and impressive as they could down like 8 bloody marys and not feel a thing, as I wonder if they knew I had filled most of their bottles with water before I left for college?(you know, to make it look like they were still full....)

I wonder if I am the only adult American female who hates Glee? I was a cheerleader and an honor student in high school and not once did I ever break into song, nor did anyone else. And I wonder why they wear their cheerleader uniforms all the flipping time? We never did. I wonder if they do not own normal clothing. This also makes me wonder if I am the only one who also did not appreciate high school musical. I wonder if I am the only mom that took it out of the DVD player and smashed it into a 1000 pieces in front of my kids after it was only on for like 3 minutes because those kids on that movie were FREAKS. I also wonder if I am the only person on the planet who has no clue who Taylor Swift is?

I wonder how old my kids think I am as Eloise asked me today if I had TV and other electronics when I was a little girl "in the olden days".

..and then I don't have to wonder why I drink a lot of wine after they go to bed.

What are you wondering about today?


Izzy'sMom said...

Isabelle just asked me yesterday if I was alive with the dinosaurs. I don't ever wonder why I drink a lot of wine after bedtime either..I just bask in all of my "wineness". Dh better take the bottle because now I am making up words. ;o)

Jess said...

No Glee? Are you serious? That show is just so quirky that I can't help but love it!

I'm with you on HSM though. ANNOYING. I half-watched one with my girls and niece and I couldn't get over how needy that chick was in the first 3 minutes. Ick.

Kristi Pohl said...

The whole reason to watch Glee is for Sue. I am wondering if we can be friends anymore.

Good luck with your show today!

Melanie said...

I was totally thinking that same thing about the cheerleaders and their uniforms the other night!

Today, as I do at the end of every semester, I am wondering if I'll get all my work done, if I'll get A's or B's, if I'll have a nervous breakdown, and if my research paper will suck ass.

Michelle said...

I watched 1/2 an episode of Glee and could not figure out what all the hype is about.

But Taylor Swift? Don't mess with her honey. I love her.

Stacey said...

Wondering why no one commented on the refilling of the vodka bottles... I, of course, did the same to my parents... Maybe it's just a "Mid-westerner sort of thang"
Hey... IDEA... let's have Bloody Mary's next time you're in town...
Miss You!

Melanie said...

If I had been drinking a beverage whilst reading this post, I wonder if it would have come back out my nose because I was laughing so hard? Good thing I wasn't!
I have not watched Glee, but your take on it is hilarious & thankfully with having a boy for my oldest, we haven't gotten into HSM here either, yet. I will hold out for as long as I can!
Right now though, I am wondering if my sweet baby boy will stop screaming & take his nap? What is up with that?

Sahnya said...

Hmmm... isn't Taylor Swift a kind of bird?

I am thinking you should start wearing your old cheer uniform!
Have a gleeful day!

Rachelle said...

I am wondering what I used to do for fun and entertainment before I started reading your blog. I must have had a boring life before you came along. You know, back in the olden days.

Tifani says... said...

I am guilty of loving both Glee and HSM. I actually went to HSM3 on the day it opened and I cried during the movie. Not because it was bad, but I was filled with emotion. Can you feel my shame as I type? I just loved that imaginary HSM world where the most popular boy in school drove a beat up truck that he fixed himself and the closest he got to second base was on the baseball field.

And did you never feel like you were wearing your uniform every day as a cheerleader? I always felt like we were wearing those polyester wonders way more than regular clothes.

Amanda said...

hmmm...i wonder a few things:

-if my c-section scar "flap" will go away without surgery

-how charlie can still be up talking and screaming when she's been outside all morning playing and CLEARLY exhausted and needs her nap

-why my apartment doesn't have closet lights, seriously, vann and i get dressed in the dark

-why after nursing my boobs feel like little hackysacks (the plus being i am down a full cup size and can fit into clothes i haven't worn since my single days)

-why i can't just win the mega millions already

xoxo, A

AFC said...

I hate Glee..I love Taylor Swift since it makes my six year old happy..

I wonder:
1. what I am going to do with my kids since it is supposed to rain all weekend.

2. why every three weeks I get the urge to go back to work.

3. why my husband had to pick such a stupid career that he is NEVER home..ever

4. why high schoolers don't babysit anymore..see previous needs a night OUT.

5. Why I just ate 3 cookies for dinner..

Rachelle said...

I Wonder... what you've been making for dinner lately? I need ideas. We just had chicken pot pie (frozen). Help!

Tracy said...

We had cheerios for dinner tonight - I am of no help on creative dinner

ginny said...

We need to talk - it has something to do with this alcohol thing! Love Mom

Tracy said...

Dear Mom,
Troy made me do it.
Love, Tracy

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