Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easy Weekend...

We had a weekend without one plan. Free of all obligations. No schedule, no stress, no problem.

We spent our weekend going to playgrounds, meeting casually up with friends, having picnics in our backyard, chats on the front porch, playing American Girl dolls and folding laundry.
We ate cheerios and pancakes for dinner.
We enjoyed the easy rhythm that Astrid has finally gotten into this week. A week with virtual no crying, easy naps and more smiles than we have ever seen. She is almost crawling and so happy to be there.
We spent the weekend not worrying about eating lunch an hour late or missing a nap or even having to nurse in public with a baby that pops off every 10 seconds for social hour. I didn't even stress it even after this or this in the news of late. My favorite quote of the week "why is it that everyone wants to see a woman's breast until there is a baby attached?" Sad.
I am sitting here and I am happy and joyful and my heart is just so full from this easy weekend.

How about you?



Melanie said...

We had a great weekend as well. Spent today helping our good friends prepare to move. Who knew vacuuming and carrying boxes up and down stairs could be so much fun? Glad to hear your weekend was so peaceful.

Btw, those news stories make me sad.

Amanda M. said...

I wonder why people are so freaked out by nursing. If people see a mom dog nursing her puppies, it's not like they tell the dog to go get a hooter hider. Nursing is just such a normal and natural process. People really get their panties in a wad about silly stuff.

Anyway, your weekend sounds like it was absolutely splendid. And thank you so much for your kind words on my blog. Love you, dear.
A. <3

ginny said...

We all need peaceful times. Mine was spent gardening, or should I say getting ready to plant those flowers in a month! We took out the lawn furniture, mowed and hopefully took care of those dandlions! Oh, and how could I forget - got my first golf game of the year "over with"!!!! Weather was perfect and time was relaxing. Going to the park and picnicing is always a fun time.

Tifani says... said...

We joined the Y this week and went swimming for the first time in a LONG time. Maggie seems to finally be over her fear of getting water in her face and Annie has decided to join a swim team. That's a winning weekend in my book.

The nursing thing is an odd one to me. I have never seen a mom showing more skin by nursing than I have seen on most prime time television shows. What is the deal?

The Planet Pink said...

Ah. Well, my weekend sucked. But I'll love vicariously through yours. Sounds lovely!

Kristi Pohl said...

Nothing better than an unscheduled weekend! It was perfect to spend a few minutes with you on the porch. Did the girls arrive home safely from Florida?

Michelle said...

my babies were always happier once they learned to crawl.

Ah! A weekend with no plans. That sounds glorious.

Melanie said...

{sigh}, the bliss of a schedule-free weekend! Sounds perfectly delightful & I'm so happy for you that Astrid is finding her happy place! She is beautiful!
I agree with Tifani, turn on the TV practically any time of day & you see more skin on commercials than when a mom is nursing...what gives?
Anyway, so glad you had a wonderful weekend, spring really is a great time of year!

Wendy said...

Love those kinds of weekends! Glad you enjoyed it. And yah, whatever to all the boobie haters out there!

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